6 years ago

Mom’s hug revives baby that was pronounced dead

This is why I’m pro-life.  No one can know for absolute certain what a life will become…EVEN after we believe there is nothing that can be done to save the life. 

This is also why I am an Attachment Parenting style Parent.  That’s what Dr. Sears calls it, though in this article they call it “Kangaroo-style parenting”- perhaps because the story is from Australia… 

And all of this natural talk brings me to this thought, of course:

In this world of “going Green” I find it truly telling that we seem more aware of treating our animals and food without artificial growth hormones, yet we pump ourselves full of a Class I Carcinogen -a combination of artificial hormones-called The Pill used to regulate hormonal disorders such as acne, to when we don’t want to have children.  …instead of doing it the natural way.  

Natural doesn’t always mean it’s easy. But what in this world is really worth having if it’s easy?

Is love easy? No. It takes self sacrifice. Is love good for us? yes. Thinking of someone else, serving that person or persons we love brings out the best version of ourself.

Is fast food easy? Yes. It takes no effort at all. Is fast food good for us? No. It will eventually clog our arteries and affect our health. 

Is learning about the woman’s body, and the subtle changes that encapsulate her fertility an easy process? No.  For me, it was very confusing and frustrating at the beginning. But I trudged on.  Now I have witnessed in myself the course of nature.  I have learned how amazingly my own body naturally tells me when I am fertile. And if we have a serious reason to avoid a pregnancy, we avoid being together for a grand total of 4 days out of the month. WOAH… some people might die knowing they have to sacrifice their personal, momentary spasms of physical pleasure for FOUR WHOLE DAYS OUT OF THE MONTH! UNTHINKABLE!

Just give me the Pill.  It’s easy. …but is it good for me?
No. From the World Health Organization, here’s a summarization of their detailed and in depth studies of the Class I Carcinogen, hormonal contraceptives:

“5.2 Human carcinogenicity data

Breast cancer

More than 10 cohort studies and 60 case–control studies that included over 60 000 women with breast cancer reported on the relationship between the oral use of combined hormonal contraceptives and the risk for this disease. The totality of the evidence suggested an increase in the relative risk for breast cancer among current and recent users. This effect was noted particularly among women under 35 years of age at diagnosis who had begun using contraceptives when young (< 20 years), whereas the increased risk declined sharply with older age at diagnosis. By 10 years after cessation of use, the risk in women who had used combined hormonal contraceptives appeared to be similar to that in women who had never used them. Important known risk factors did not appear to account for the association. The possibility that the association seen for current and recent users is due to detection bias was not ruled out, but it was considered to be unlikely that this would explain the association observed in young women.”

Is easy worth the risk?  Really… Is not taking this sacred time we have here on earth to learn about our self and become more oneness with nature because it’s easier not to think about it and pop a pill worth the risk that we might contract breast cancer?  
Whatever percentage the risk is, that a contraceptive user may get Breast Cancer, who are we to think that we are not that percentage?  And how can we ever know?

Go TRULY Green.  Start with yourself. Life. 

Mom’s hug revives baby that was pronounced dead