6 years ago

Moms don’t get the PLEASURE of being sick!

This sentence, said by my sister is an accurate one.  

It’s hilarious at first thought.  Who would ever think being sick is a pleasure!?

But then if you have infants/toddlers, you’ll know what I mean.  By no means do i suggest that being sick is desirable over parenting.
What I do mean, however, is that NORMALLY when we are ill, we get to rest and be cozy in bed or on the couch all day and drink sprite through a straw, or steaming Raspberry tea. We lounge all day, with laptop or iPad or iPhone within our grasp to surf and watch movies all day.

Insert energetic toddler and newly mastered 8-month-old Crawler and the relaxing “PLEASURE” of a sicky day goes POOF.

So now, we just have sick mom who, if she’s lucky, gets to lay down for 1/2 hour with a heating pad while the baby’s naps overlap.

That’s me. Today.
Not complaining.  Just stating my new experience of being sick with babies present. 
Definitely a challenge and a test of patience.
This is day two of feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus.  My momma helped me a lot yesterday, but so did Ibuprofen.  Today, Ibuprofen no bueno; my momma not here to help. 
Ima guessin that’s where most peeps will tell me this will make me a stronger person.
I’d have to say I agree. 

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