6 years ago

Mathematical Proof the Birth Control FAILS.


har har.  Just wanted to quickly share this smarty-pants blog.  It’s funny, quick-witted, and easy for even a mathematically-handicapped individual such as myself to understand.

It suggests that yet again, increased use of BC leads to increased Abortion.  Thus, feeding back into the abortion BUSINESS. Our president has vested interests in keeping that business BOOMING.

“Thus, birth control over time normalizes abortion.

We knew that, but this calculation proves it using their own reported estimates. Of course the other alternative is to be “fixed” like an irrational animal with implants, injections or surgery, something Catholics also oppose because we are taught that to be fully human we must use our intellect and will to strive to be virtuous. Animals, as you know, can’t do math either. “

Mathematical Proof the Birth Control FAILS.

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