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(last)Friday’s Quick takes #3

So I’ve had a really busy week and weekend.  I haven’t had the chance to even flip through my iPhone, much less sit down at a computer and finish blog entries.  But I finally have a moment to catch up.  The children are sleeping, we’ll see how far I can go.  Here is last week’s 7 Quick Takes:

This week, I decided to write about my goals for this year along with a few other tidbits.  7 Quick Takes: If you like reading Jen Fulwiler’s 7, you’ll notice that the link above takes you to the very interesting Hallie, The Moxie Wife’s blog. In two words, one might describe Hallie exactly as the title of her blog: a Moxie Wife. In other words, BEE AYY.  I don’t use those words to describe …anything or anyone, really.  She’s a blogger, an author, she contributes writing pieces for a vast array of Catholic media, she’s appeared on television, a speaker, a homeschooler, a mom… basically my ideal supermom.  MAYN.  Read more about her here. This week, Hallie is hosting 7 Quick Takes this week due to Jennifer having some health complications. Hallie keeps us updated on Jen in her 7QT. Please pray for Jen and her continued healing.


So here we go!

1) I’ve never made New Year resolutions for myself.

Firstly, because I am counter cultural and find myself increasingly obstinate toward anything Hallmark-y and secular. So I lump New Year resolutions into the cultural hype as: something to talk about with the people who don’t talk about anything other than work or television shows, something everyone else is doing so I have to do it as well, and “New Year, New You!” BARF. Gag me with a chevron print rug. My sister and I both follow Dave Ramsey on Twitter but she saw his tweet and read it to me: “don’t make resolutions this year. Make goals.” Ah ha. Slight difference in words, huge difference in meaning. 

2). “Getting ready” has always been an event separate from the event itself for which I’m getting ready! If it’s a special occasion or holiday, I have to get ready to get ready.

But since having children, getting myself ready is getting in the way of arriving anywhere on time. ANYWHERE. I am always the last one to be ready. New Year’s Day, I was looking in the mirror, applying blush, and I said to myself, don’t make him wait on you, again.”   Him, being my husband. Right there and then I decided if I made no other goals this year, that finding a quicker way to be ready would be it. In the back of my mind, I’ve always been afraid of looking like the over-tired, over-worked mom who’s given up on her self maintenance and just wears sweats and scrunchies. So I’ve found myself overcompensating on my appearance. But through my prayer life, and looking back at photographs of Christmas celebrations, I’ve had a few, small epiphanies.

3). “I shall diminish…” This line from Lord of the Rings has been springing into mind frequently lately. (I think with movie lines attached to my thoughts A LOT.  S’why I decided to blog with more photos.)
It surmises a pretty large paradigm change for me. Humility is something I’ve always had some grasp on, but lately it’s really taken hold of me. I’ve been stricken with a sense that I need to be less, and do more.

At the surface, secularists would say that I’m suffocating myself, not celebrating myself with pride!
‘tis true, old friend. But it doesn’t follow that humility’s a negative thing. I want to lessen myself in my own eyes so that my eyes may be filled instead with God! And by lessen, I mean think of myself less, not think less of myself.  I want to celebrate Jesus. Celebrate Jesus by doing more efficiently and completely the doldrums of my vocation: A wife and mother.
At first, I thought I’d “lessen myself” by not posting so much in social media world. But after some prayer and consulting with my closest family members, I realize I only need to streamline what I share, and channel my energy into other goals. (Sorry, y’all… not rid of me yet!)

4) I picked out my “Patron Saint for the Year” from Conversiondairy. I’ve never participated in this before and thought it would be a fun way to get to know the life of a new-to-me saint, or know deeper a saint with whom I am already acquainted.  I prayed with clarity of mind, before I clicked, that this saint, chosen at random ,”would inspire greater devotion to the Lord”, per the suggestion of the generator.  Before I prayed, I rolled my eyes thinking it could be borderline superstitious if someone allowed the saint given to determine one’s fate.  So I prayed that I not allow superstition to encroach upon my conscience— basically, that I not read too deep into what this randomly chosen saint means for my future.  Remember, in God alone do we trust.  Saints just help us on our path.
I clicked, and instantly did not like what I saw. “AW, COME ON!!” Rang out in my head.
St. Jane de Chantal.

5) Firstly, I don’t particularly admire many female saints besides the Blessed Virgin Mother, Joan of Arc, and a few others…  I know, I’m leaving out a wealth of holy women, but I just don’t feel that bond.  My soul identifies better with males, I believe.  In fact, my guardian Angel’s name is a masculine form, and I have a special devotion to Bl. John Paul the Great.  However, from this Patron Saint for a Year Generator, I decided perhaps, that I’d read about more women saints during the course of this year.  Bravo.
Fitting for me, Jane Frances de Chantal is French. “She restored order in the household, which was on the brink of ruin, and brought back prosperity.” Her husband was killed in a hunting accident.  Greeeaaaat.

 Reading further about her, I found many parallels about her to my own life, and family.  The one thing I read about her that struck a cord particularly was this:

This ties beautifully about my ideals of modesty and properly dressing as a woman.  It also ties into my recent “I shall diminish” inspirations.  
The more I read, the more I like.  After sharing all of this with my Mom, she made a frankly honest remark (as do all the women on my mother’s side, including my sister and I), “Craig is going to die, you know.”  Aye, he is.  And for that time, I’ll have yet another saint to look to, to keep the path to Christ. 

6) My last two Takes are going to be completely unrelated to my goals: A recipe!
I made these while I was newly pregnant with Collin, and they helped a ton with my morning sickness as well as making it easy to grab something on the days when I felt particularly disgusting. Frozen Breakfast Burritos found on Pinterest:

First, I’d like to say that I don’t terribly care for Mexican cuisine, and the last thing I want to taste in the morning, pregnant or not, is salsa.  
But the amount used is so minuscule,  and it mixes with melted cheddar so well, that it creates a lovely sauce which compliments the rest of the ingredients in the burrito, which provide a punch of protein in the morning: exactly what a momma suffering from nausea needs (as well as a health-conscious, protein scarfing, husband).

7) Frozen Breakfast Burritos:

You will need:
Soft Tacos (medium sized, about 40)
A Dozen Eggs
One bundle of green onion, chopped (or about 2/3 C of whatever onion you have, chopped) 
1 jar of salsa (about 1/2T per burrito, or to taste)
2C Cheddar Cheese
1 can Black Beans, drained & rinsed
Meat of your choice, or no meat. [I do beef Polska Kielbasa. I’ve also used bacon] 

The blogger instructs: “Scramble eggs with milk/water & cook. Add the black beans & green onions towards the end of cooking. Assemble in the tortillas with cheese & salsa. Wrap each burrito individually in foil or wax paper.”


I add the meat after the eggs are scrambled.  If you’re adding bacon, you’ll need to have already cooked and crisped it before adding it to the eggs.
Make sure to rinse the beans…and to add them AFTER you’ve scrambled the eggs.  I poured them into the uncooked eggs once, thinking it’d somehow save time.  NOPE.  Instead, I got greenish/brownish eggs, colored by the black beans.  The burrito tastes the same, it just ain’t purty. 

Freeze.  To reheat, wrap in paper towel and nuke 30s on high, each side. give or take a few.  Maybe for your microwave, defrosting will work best.

For my husband, I’ll set 2 out in the fridge overnight, allowing them to thaw, and when he gets to work in the morning, 30 seconds does the trick. 
One is enough for me!  I had one for lunch today.  Quick & easy. Like the blogger says, this recipe is really flexible.  I’ve added fresh spinach to a batch before, and it turned out nicely.