6 years ago

Komen’s grant removal for Planned Parenthood in no way affects poor women’s availability to free mammograms or breast screenings. This is probably the section you need to copy and paste to all the angry people who accuse you of hating poor women (insert sigh). Here’s how this works. You go to Planned Parenthood and get your annual exam. Part of that includes a breast screening. It’s a Level 1, same as you do at home. A doctor does this as part of a routine annual exam Side note—any doctor who needs a grant from Komen to do a Level 1 exam should have his or her license removed. They aren’t going to suddenly say “I did your whole exam but I can’t check your breasts because Komen sends us money to check your breasts.” All that government funding they get, which is more in one day than Komen gave them in a year, covers a GYN doing the annual exam, which includes the breast exam.
If there is a suspicion that something could be wrong, PP then gives you a voucher to go to a local facility that does mammograms, since they don’t do them. So you have to make another appointment and go to the next facility. Yes, it may be free if they deem you qualify, but it takes longer.
Under new funding rules, now the money will be given directly to the actually mammogram facilities, eliminating the middle man and even, possibly, crucial time which could help save a life. There is not less money being given to breast cancer screenings. It’s redirected money to places that still serve poor women and help them, but without the middle man.
The angry mobs that have called Komen names and made all sorts of veiled threats, and even hacked the Komen website, prove that the priority isn’t women’s health. If we really care about the poor women we don’t start screaming, name calling and taking sides, but we love and help them. I have not seen a single post from anyone on Twitter, Facebook or comments on our blog that has offered help—just used emotionally charged rhetoric and name calling to draw battle lines. They’ve used this opportunity not to help women but to start their own political war. What Komen did was good business: eliminating the middle man.”


Please go to this article and read the truth about Susan G Komen severing financial ties with Planned Parenthood. What SGK has done is professional and in the best interest of women and Breast Cancer research.
Do not be frightened by the angry rhetoric being shouted from the adolescent-like groups who support only Planned Parenthood and their abortion agenda.

That’s all I have time to write today, but I’ll be back with a lot more, I promise. :)


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