6 years ago

It’s not just women who can get pregnant. Please be a little less exclusive in your language.

Only a woman can get pregnant. Unless you consider animals and then I can agree with you that, yes, a male seahorse is pregnant insofar as he carries the eggs that the female produces.

But I’m speaking exclusively about human beings. Women are given these parts. Not the man.
One may orient his/her sexual preference anyway he/she wants but female parts are that of a female.

This is the nature of science, and I’m not here to debate that. I feel stupid that I even have to clarify this.

If I misinterpreted your statement, forgive me. Maybe you’re implying that I also include educating men about a women’s fertility as well. Then I would agree with you on that. It is important for a couple to work together to understand this wonder of nature. That the man can fully appreciate the woman’s body in the respectful manner that he should.