6 years ago

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’ve written anything with substance to it.  I’ve been busy trying to make our house feel like a home.  And Christmas.  And making cookies. (I made those without a KitchenAid mixer, just a regular blender on low.  Then hand-whipped the flour.  Easy.  It did take two days, though.  worth it.)

So here we go:

My friend asked for my thoughts on the story of the Australian woman seeking abortion on one of her twins, but the doctors aborted the wrong twin.  Now Australian woman is childless.  Here’s the story if you care to catch up: Wrong Twin Fetus Terminated

 My friend asked if I should feel sympathy for the mother of the now dead twins.
I do. And I pity her.

The sympathy I feel is for the loss of BOTH her children.  Not just for the loss of the healthy twin. 
I am saddened that this woman does not know the true meaning of life.  she does not truly understand that there is a reason for every life conceived in the womb of a woman.

I am even more heart-sick knowing that this woman, as well as the doctors who recommended that she abort the sick twin, lacks faith.  True, surrendering faith in God and His plan for her life, and the lives of her children.

To me, anyone who believes that it should be okay to kill someone on the basis that “he/she might have a rough life, have a life of pain, have a life of poverty” has no faith in God and the miracles that he gives us at all. 

Someone who lives in pain, or lives in strife, or lives in poverty is no less worthy of life than the billionaire business owner in the next state.
Just because we as a society cannot see the worth or usefulness of a human being born with a congenital heart disease does not mean it’s not there.

This is where faith comes in. And the radical left LOATHES it:

I believe that the individuals born into this world with sickness or poverty or even abuse are the possessors of the Kingdom of God. (it’s called the Beatitudes) They’re born living saints. Those individuals could have a greater privilege of knowing suffering, of conversing with God, and praying for others amidst suffering their own pain! Just like Christ did!  When suffering the Passion, Christ didn’t say, “Father, smite these sinners”, instead, he said, “..Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34) But even the sick and suffering are born with free will. They can view their situation in life as they wish, and use their suffering to feel sorry for themselves and be bitter toward the healthy…or they can pray for us, as a saint would.  I know a saint, living right NOW.  Her name is Brianne, (pass: breezyb) and she’s doing just that.  AMAZING.

Those individuals that are born needing help are giving the great gift of sacrifice and servitude to our healthcare workers, to our psychologists, to our social workers who must serve them, who must put their own needs and comfort aside to help the individual truly in need. 
The radical left cannot understand this concept. They are bewildered by it and cannot twist their poorly established logic to comprehend the inherent value of a human life.

And for that I am grieved.  For those people who do not understand the value of human life, who put animals and nature above their own species, I pray.  The problems of the world- nature, economy, health -cannot be solved until we value our own existence.

I watched my father-in-law shoot two does last night on our property.  I stood, frozen, as I witnessed the life of a gift of nature slip out of it’s being under the brush on the edge of the woods outside our house.  The doe twitched and struggled to stand, falling and eventually passing.  Tears rose to my eyes.  
Prayers of thanks should be given for this animal’s life, when a hunter kills. Even an animal’s life has a purpose, to nourish us. But, just because it’s not wanted?

A radical left will sympathize with me on that, but not about an unborn baby? 
I think it’s because they are paralyzingly frightened of the unknown. When you can’t see the future —or a baby?— some people believe that there’s nothing. Those people believe that if there’s no physical, material evidence of the worth of life or of happiness, then it must not exist.  

That’s sad. 
Wouldn’t you agree that those people are the true ones in need of prayer? The ones who lack faith?
I pray for the faithless.  The babies who’ve been aborted through contraceptives and abortion must be in heaven, already saints.  But the people who think that if they don’t know the answer, or can’t see the answer -or a positive outcome-, then there is NO answer, or that the result must be negative? Those are the ones for whom to sympathize and pity.  

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