5 years ago

Intolerant Secularism seems to be Replacing Traditional Liberalism

And that is dang scary to me.

So I studied the french language. Many of my professors were actually Teaching Assistants, studying abroad, who traveled to the USA from their native country, France, to get their education (because France’s FREE NATIONALIZED EDUCATION system sucks, but they won’t admit that. The TAs also stayed in the US because there are NO JOBS in France either. One of my TA’s job back at home was an ON CALL garbage boy in a butcher’s shop).

I learned the most valuable lessons from these TAs. Obviously, I learned to be considered a Francophile: to recognize French slang when I heard it, to be able to actually GET historically integrated cultural jokes (think about that! It’s a tough one.) It’s been nearing 5 years since I stepped foot on my college campus, let alone held a french conversation, and I regrettably have not kept up on my self-education on the language.

But what I REALLY learned was the English language, American history, and why I will NEVER want to live in an intolerant secular country such as France.

One story I will always remember from my favorite TA was that before she was allowed to enter a room to take her final exam, she was made to remove a St. Christopher medal he was wearing as a necklace. Not hide it, not put it under her shirt- but REMOVE IT.

Sadly, my TA takes pride in that story, saying that before she is identified as anything, she is firstly and foremost FRENCH. And she tried to teach her students the importance of that ideology. …I seemed to be the only student shaking my head in disbelief. I spoke out a few times, and she along with all eyes in the classroom looked at me with astonished silence.
Remember, I went to college right here, in the good ol USA.

This stuff is happening. It’s real. And it’s real scary. Are we willing to allow our freedoms and beliefs to be sacrificed -be removed- all in the name of “tolerance”? That first, we must unquestioningly bow to our government’s will before we are allowed to be anything else?

Intolerant Secularism seems to be Replacing Traditional Liberalism