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Intense Parenting Seasons! How do you handle them?


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How do you mothers pull through intense parenting seasons?

Me? Generally, I don’t.  I flee to small quarters and lock the door.  Many times, though, I have to temporarily give up something I love doing.  Halting the over-share à la Sveller-elle is the choice I’ve made these last few weeks.
I chose to shortly abstain from blogging because my other options are as follows: ex-naying doodling, reading, coffee, or baking sugary goods.

I have to doodle, there’s no question about that.

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the Y and the S are doin their own thang… I know. Practice, practice!


I HAD to read this:

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It was great and good.

I will die without coffee. Just die.  And there’s never ever a reason for me to give up drinking coffee.  It’s like wearing underwear.  No question, you must have it.  I don’t know why eliminating it came to mind at all. hm. Self-sabotage! I shake my fist at ye!

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Big fat one for Momma’s day, you betchyer boots.


I’d be a very sad person without sugar with my tea.  So yes, I make time to bake:

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Old Fashioned HIPSTER Iced Oatmeal Cookies


Everyone has been sick, on the mend, and then sick again for the last 2 months. It feels like it’s been 2 months anyway.  Who knows what the real timeframe is.  …probably 2 days.  I still have the most annoying linger of a cough- what is this? Why are you still here?

Collin is entering into my favorite stage of Terrible Two-dom, and he’s poised to perfect the art by his second birthday in a few months.  Perfect it.  His favorite word is “no.” and he uses all 8 octaves to communicate it.  You think it’s not humanly possible.  Then you have children.

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Counter Climber Pro

He’s also experiencing a lil’ thing I’ve never encountered before: Eczema.
We rushed him to the doctor last month after waking: his face and arms covered and swollen with red blotchiness.

Doc said, “Eh. No big deal.  Bring him back if it flares up and causes alarm.”

This, says el doctoro, after we waited an hour and a half to see the professional. I’m convinced they make the parents wait so long in order to disorient and dull their thoughts by causing irritated-and-now-hungry children to commandeer the investigative conversation the parents had initially geared up for. But that’s just conspiracy-theory me, and those people are nuts.

Fast-forward to this weekend.  We’d been slathering Aquaphor all over the poor boy, as I watch him gouge his skin until it bleeds.  We woke up Monday to behold a baby’s face so red and so swollen, his right eye remained closed.

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This actually looks tamed here.

*waits 45 minutes in mostly empty waiting room*
Doc says, “Eh. I’ve seen 10 times worse. Slop some steroid cream on that.”  *Issues Rx.*

I’m sorry. I may, in fact, be the lemming parent which many doctors shuffle through their doors, patting them on their bums on the way out, but I don’t think that slopping steroidal ointment all over the earth is going to tackle the underlying cause of what’s making my son’s EYES SWELL SHUT.

But I’m not the doctor here, so I’ll just blog it out.

How’s that for some over-share? I think it’ll suffice for now.  I promise it’s not solely Collin.  Lexington and Emmett are collaborating brilliantly as well.  Never fear.  I’m just picking on CJP today.

SO. Where else can you find me, if you’re having some Svell withdrawals?  I’m all over Instagram sharing all the colors of the wind. Come visit.

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    1. Hi Jenn! Goats milk is a great idea. I recently found goats milk yogurt at the store (for a pretty penny which I can’t do too often), and we’re trying to slowly phase out other dairy in the form of cheeses just to see if he has that allergy. I hope you’re well, lady!

  1. Hey there sweet mama. I know I know I KNOW everyone else has already given unsolicited advice re: eczema but I wanted to chime in with my experience with it, in case it helps you. Because, eczema bites.

    Context: my daughter (15 months old) has food-related eczema. She has a true egg allergy (which we were only able to confirm through blood testing) and suspected rice/oat/corn intolerance. She’s awesome. Anyway, corn and egg are the biggest triggers for her, but I know others say dairy sometimes triggers eczema or sometimes too much sugar.

    A lot of the time, there isn’t a known cause. So frustrating. What we do is avoid the foods that seem to trigger her skin issues. And then follow the dermatological recommendation of frequent, short, lukewarm baths (with just water or a gentle cleanser) and SLATHERING Eucerin creme (or a similar super-emollient creme) on immediately post-bath to seal in moisture. We’d previously only ever used frou frou organic baby products, and bathed babe infrequently because sensitive skin usually does better with less bathing…. But the newest recommendation says to bathe MORE, so bathe more we do. And Eucerin works, and is better than steroids. We also use calendula creme on flare ups, and I know others say Aquaphor is awesome on red spots.

    Hope you find an answer for your sweet babe soon!

    1. Thank you Sarah! We are trying to follow and note what he eats, and how his skin responds. We were told to try Aveeno Oatmeal Bath and lotion and it actually made him REALLY swollen and broken out. amazing.

  2. Poor beybey! Thats awful to have, especially on his eye!
    My son has mild atopic eczema (and so does my dog lol). My sister is a pediatrician and she always says with allergies it’s better to use allergy medicine, and even mild steroids, at the first sign of trouble rather than allow allergies to go unchecked because they can have a snowball effect and lead to much more serious medical intervention.

    However, my son drinks nettle tea, uses calendula lotion, an occasional oatmeal bath and peppermint compresses when it gets itchy, and he hasn’t had a bad flare up in over a year. My pediatrician told me to stop using soap directly on his body, just putting a little in the bath water instead, and that made a big difference. Soap was drying out his skin too much. Luckily most people outgrow eczema, although it usually transitions into just regularly ol’ seasonal allergies.

    1. Thank you, Kierstin! Soap just straight into the bath instead of directly on his body is a great idea, and that’s what we’ve been doing. Thank you for that! I’m happy to hear your son’s doing much better!

  3. I’ve had eczema since I was a kid (everywhere from my arms, neck, to my eyelids ). Sugar, bread, and allergies seem to make it flare up. Eczema comes from having to much yeast in your system. I would try homeopathic remedies or if he can handle it swishing olive oil in his mouth for a little bit (aka oil pulling). Hope this helps.

  4. Hi there! My doc gave me steroid cream for eczema too, and then 2 years later after persistent skin problems 2 different docs told me to never ever put steroid cream on my face because it thins it out. I just thought I’d mention it in case your doctor was anything like my first! I was so mad when I found out! Poor little guy…I feel for him! Hope it gets better!


  5. Adults in my family have eczema. It’s rough. I have it in my left ear canal, people think I’m digging for wax (gross) but I’m just scratching my rash!

    Hoobey graduates in two weeks and specializing in internal medicine. Maybe next time you can take a pic and he can look at it before going to the doctor. ☺

  6. Poor baby! Rachel may be right, could be an allergy or sensitivity. Has he tired any new foods recently or have you switched soaps? Or maybe you even went somewhere new with possible irritants. Steroids are awful stuff to rely on so finding a cause is still a good idea. Maybe allergy testing? Hope everyone gets better soon!

  7. Ga! Eczema is the freaking worst! I’ve had the worst time with it since I was little and every doctor has only given me steroids for it. WHich helps clear it up, but it just comes back again.

    I’ve found that sugar triggers it for me (although for most people it’s gluten or dairy). Also from my research, it seems to be caused by the gut. Probiotics have helped me (kumbocha etc…).

    Hope things get better for you!

  8. Hang in there my dear sweet Carolyn! You are a GREAT Momma! As far as I know there is no know cause for eczema. All you can do is treat it with the steroid cream the Doc prescribed for Collin. I know that isn’t much help to you, but as in many cases, it is what it is! Keep doing what you’re doing & everyone will be fine! Much love!
    Aunt Lisa


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