6 years ago

Here’s a Rather Colorless Post. Sorryyy

I’m on to something pretty intense, coming up in the next week or so. Right now I’m reading a book that I’m so excited about because it helps form the foundation for an essay I’ve been gearing up to write for a few weeks anyway. It’s funny how I find books and articles that seamlessly link together a project I wish to take on…
But it’s going to take a few days. Maybe a week. Maybe two.

Our air conditioning is currently not working so combine two toddlers with a pregnant mommy in a house that’s 85+ degrees and not much is going to get done until we have cool air. I had to order pizza tonight because I can’t even use the crockpot without it feeling like we’re just three roasting little piggies (I tried the crockpot yesterday and while the meal was good, the radiating heat was not).
This really isn’t that bad. 85 degrees is livable, honestly. I remember my parents didn’t have air conditioning until I was in middle school. I survived.

Then again, I was never a easily over-heated pregnant girl.

I’ve also been wanting to write about the things which I know now that took me being pregnant 3 times to figure out. Loads of books cover these topics so we’ll see how original my discoveries really are.

One of them is something I’m doing right now:

Enjoying a guiltless midnight(ish) snack. It’s 11:30pm.

I’m sitting in a cool, dark living room, listening to the nighttime spring sounds outside and eating a toasted bagel with cream cheese.
Not the healthiest snack- but it’s not a cookie or potato chips so I’ll live with it.
No, I’m not having THREE bagels, just one.
I have learned that “eating for two” doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to let go and eat all of everything. It means exactly what eating for one means: eat what you need. When satisfied, stop. There’s a difference between being full and being satisfied. If you eat til you’re full, you’ve eaten too much and now the stomach must stretch to provide space for the food that’s being stuffed into it. And that is an elementary lesson on how to become fat.
Pregnant or not, that’s that.

So, midnight snack when pregnant: if your tummy’s grumbling, don’t ignore it, you’ll feel sick or worse in the morning.

Plus if you have babies, it’s a bonus quiet time, if you can sacrifice the sleep. :)
I can’t sacrifice any more than this 15 minutes so I’m going to bed!

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