6 years ago

I finished reading Abby Johnson’s book, Unplanned. 

Unplanned by Abby Johnson

I’ll start off by saying it wasn’t the Planned Parenthood-bashing style book I’d expected it to be.  This book affirmed many of the sentiments I’ve begun to feel and realizations I’ve begun to materialize over the past few years:  There are good, well-intentioned people on both sides of the fence.  

Abby joined PP because she was driven by her passion to help women in need.  A very good cause, and one that I share.  But, BUT! The abortion issue.  To Abby, it was something she didn’t like to think about all the way through, she just believed it should be a right for women as simply another choice.  

However, she writes of the incidents in her life that forced her to LITERALLY look at things she never really wanted to consider.  After seeing, her heart changed.

In a very small way, I experienced a very shallow “falling of the scales from my eyes” just today. 
I’ve never liked or supported animal abuse or killing for game, or to use as decoration.  But I never REALLY forced myself to look at the cruelty of it.  I knew it was wrong and that is all I let my mind process.  But today, I came across this photograph of a nice interior design.  

I looked back at it throughout the day, and finally I closely examined the zebra striped rug.  Whether faux or not, it looked real to me.  The holes where the zebra’s eyes used to be made me sick to my stomach.  I continued to follow the striped lines to the zebra’s legs.  It struck me that if this was really the skin of a zebra, its skin was literally ALL right there! FOR ME TO WALK ON.  
Just so I could walk on it. For convenience. 
I’d never really thought of it in that way before. 

And thus, the realization happened to Abby Johnson as she watched the life of an unborn human, needlessly sucked and twisted out of his/her mother’s womb.   
She’d never really thought of it that way before.  
It’s not easy to think about.  Because understanding it means we have to think about other things.  Like how we are currently living our life.  Like what things or way of living are we going to have to change or give up because it doesn’t agree with what we can no longer deny as cruel, immoral and not necessary. It means, maybe a change of job, like Abby had to go through, a loss of friends like Abby had to endure (though one may argue they never were true friends to begin with)…

But while viewing an animal skin laying on the floor was disturbing to me, this, I assure everyone, is nothing —NOTHING— to watching an abortion of a human being, as Abby has, as I have.  One can be an advocate for helping women in need without supporting the killing of her daughter (also a woman in need, RIGHT?), can one not?  Death does not solve the problems of a woman in need.  

So, to the advocates of abortion:  I dare you to watch what you support.  You should, after all.  Watch the video to the complete end


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