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How to: Minimalist Maternity Wardrobe

Hi, welcome to the inevitable plethora of pregnancy posts which are bound to be slung around up in here now that I have a person growing in my womb (12 weeks!).

Welp, first of all, what’s a minimalist wardrobe?

A Minimalist Wardrobe is: a minimal amount of clothes able to be worn lots of ways to create a feel of variety without always going “there’s nothing to wear!”

Do I have one? Working on it. And in fact, after asking my bloggy friends, I have I been directed to a trove of blog treasure.  “Capsule wardrobe” is an equivalent term being used by far savvier bloggers.  If you wanna fill your brain with smart wardrobe idears go visit:

Unfancy Blog, and
A House for Five, and
Jenna visiting Fountains of Home, wrote up a smart one too.

Carolyn, those ladies got you covered, why are you even proceeding with this post?  Well, I spent an embarrassing amount of time on the graphics. Waste not.

AND! Since my lower half is beginning to drop the slightest of hints that it’s not happy with my regular skinnies, I figured I’d start minimizing my wardrobe, beginning with the maternity stuff.

If you’re veteran to pregnancy at all, you’ll have learned by the second that maternity clothes are pretty much only essential for the watermelon stage, and other than that, you can get by with what you have …and a little help from your rubber band friends.  This is a good thing because maternity wear is priced to match the gurth of the ‘melon (ridiculous), but if you buy wisely, you won’t need to spend much.

I’m 5’8 and have always been mean n’lean.  When pregnant, I typically gain a hefty 35+ lbs (emphasis on the +), which in my estimation (delusion, maybe?) is normal. Just giving the FYI, in case you’re looking at my wardrobe choices/wish-list and wondering if it would flatter your body type too. I always appreciate when bloggers offer this info.
Also! Also!  This minimalist wardrobe might really only be interesting to SAHMs because nary a work slack nor blazer shall be found hither.
I know. I’m really setting you all up for a big fat dose of underwhelm.

Commence Operation Minimalist Maternity Wardrobe!



minimalist tops

For me, I’ve put heavy stock in long shirts, and tunics, and dresses which double as tunics. If there’s danger that my belly’s going to hang out or catch a slight breeze,  I kid you not, I’m a feral feline, hissing and clawing at anyone near my circumference.

No, I don’t enjoy unnecessary layers, but I seriously appreciate the necessary ones.

I ditch the belly band completely and stick to my camis.  Bought a size or two up from the junior section at Target, they get me through trimesters 1-4+ and are instrumental in comfortably breastfeeding outside of home. And at home too.  Worn under my clothes, I am able to lift my top layer to nurse without exposing my mid drift.

Basic maternity tees, I appreciate for the length and fit.  They go wonderfully with a scarf and/or cardi.

The “versatile tunics” you see are actually listed as dresses.  Too short for a dress in my estimation, in which case I redefine them a tunic.

If something doesn’t pass the standard mom-squat test (squat down, pick up child, stand up) without accidental exposure from accidental skirt hiking, or just plain too short-ness to bend over and pick up a toy in public, then it’s a tunic to me, which will be worn with jeans or leggings.
These tunics look great with printed leggings, long boots, booties, cardigans, jackets, scarves– you name it, I think they’re the most versatile tops I’ve come across.  I want 50 of them, but that’s not minimalist. So I picked three semi-neutrals which will compliment other pieces I have.


minimalist bottoms


So, for as long as I can stand it, I use the ol’ hairband looped into the buttonhole of my regular non-maternity jeans.  I welcome the pregnant excuse to only ever wear leggings, and I don’t mind the full covering belly panel especially during the winter.  It looks like the maternity ward has not yet caught on to the fun print trend, but, lucky for leggings they’re stretchy and so far I’m still sporting my super cozy 95% cotton JCPenny leggings.


Given the above selection, these are really and truly optional- but if you already have them in your closet, excellent.

minimalist options


A long cardigan over a basic tee with leggings or skinnies is cozy.  A light weight scarf over a low cut top (I hate showing cleavage) adds coverage, warmth, and a surprise nursing cover to top it off. A thin belt right at your waist makes the bump look less blimpy, and when worn over a long tunic with some sharp leggings and sparkly shoes, you’re set for date night (if that even exists anymore), or in my case, Mass.


I had to add that little black dress just because I want one and I love it and I want one. This is not maternity, but do you see all that extra fabric gathered right under the bust? Plenty of room for a big belly. And clearly it looks great without.


minimalist shoes

Shoes become my favorite when I’m preg, because my feet are the only parts which generally stay normal, give or give a little swelling near the end.  Look at these! Loving these!  Truth be told, I only own two of the five. Wink wink wink, darling Craig.  (And goodness no, don’t go Jimmy Choo-ing. Target always comes up with a twin. Or does Ebay, so I’ve learnt.)

There you go.  Happily all of these things carry over well into the prego no mo’ stages of my life.  Yes, even maternity leggings.
Thoughts?  What did I leave out?

Also, I created these wardrobe graphics on Polyvore, which may be viewed in detail here.