6 years ago

How One Conversation Turned Me Into a Pro-Life Advocate

“You know that friend you have that you don’t even bother mentioning abortion to? The one who is so prickly and such a smarty-pants that you feel like you’d be shot down if you even tried explaining the pro-life viewpoint? I was that friend. And look at me now. There is no heart that cannot be changed by truth.”

I read her article with a warmed heart and a renewed sense of hope for my friends.

I have beautiful, SMART, intelligent friends who have refused to truly learn the pro-life side of life. I have always been saddened that these amazing individuals have lagged in such an important area of their brilliant life!

I always look to them, seeing the lives they touch and the rooms they alight with joy and laughter… And I think, imagine how much more my unique friends could change their world around them if they could just…see…the true value of a LIFE. Of every. single. human. life!

How much more brilliancy those friends and family of mine would bring to everyone’s life! How much more love this world could embrace if these astounding beings would be fully open to what can happen if we value every form of human life as equally important to our own!

She had to be a strong woman, the one who was not certain of her own life or even of her well-being, to lovingly choose to bring her son or daughter into this world: the biological mother of Louisa May Alcott, of Edgar Allen Poe, of Charles Dickens, of Nat King Cole, of Nancy Reagan, of Steve Jobs, of Oprah Winfrey, President Bill Clinton, of Marilyn Monroe, or Eleanore Roosevelt… of countless more.

And I gotta say it… the Mother of Jesus Christ.

I can say that from my small contribution to this world, it has taken strength and faith indeed. To one person -to the person who does not understand the value of a human life-, another person may only LOOK like a small contribution, but to me, and the mothers who choose life, we know that looks can be deceiving.

Have faith in life, not in death.

How One Conversation Turned Me Into a Pro-Life Advocate

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