2 years ago

Hi there- 2015 Svell Recap

I guess I took Advent off? Sure.
Plus, I had some (not serious at all) health issues to deal with and holiday stresses and with a baby who is now crawling and climbing and cruising everywhere, sitting down to think for a few minutes hasn’t been an option.  I’m not complaining. I’m the epitome of a silent sufferer –oh look, there went Craig’s eyes across the floor.

I hope you had a brilliant Christmas day.  We have been able to celebrate with family, and this is the first time in 2 years that we haven’t been sick! I have a brand new nephew, another nephew or nice on the way, and the love I have for my family is just brimming more than normal this time of the year –Maybe because I got a hammered, copper cookie jar, maybe not. wink.

I cannot wrap my mind around sending out little slips of paper with our picture, and the energy/postage it takes to accomplish that feat, only for them to be tossed in the trash, so here’s our Christmas e-card for you:

Property of Carolyn Svellinger


and here’s one that didn’t make the grade:

property of Carolyn Svellinger

Three (or so) things:

  • My Etsy Shop! Brass & Mint co. will open 2016.  After realizing I’d drive myself nuts trying to open during Advent while still working out printing/mailing/shipping, I knew it’d be best to wait. I feel so much better opening into the new year. Keep a lookout on Instagram for me to post my shop profile soon, and you can follow along with my sketches and scribbles.


  • New Year Goals! I. Dislike. Them.  SOMUCH. But here’s the funny: I found a video I made almost one year ago exactly for my online Catholic Women community, and watching it made me realize that we have conquered those and so much more. Um, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE this year. Collin was in pull-ups and mostly dry 24/7 by the time he turned 3. Emmett has also started the long, slow (for him and us) process of potty training. I HAVE SURVIVED HOMESCHOOLING– and I love it. LOVE IT! <<words I was so afraid I’d never utter! So I’ll make a new video with our new goals for 2016 and post it here this year. Maybe.  Here’s the one from January 2015 (which I never intended to make public, so its not the best quality, but serves me as a reminder not to be overwhelmed with the prospect of heavy life loads):


2015 Selfie Collage

My personal favorite is Jude’s coming home video:

I’d be a stupider fool than I credit myself for being if I didn’t mention Craig and I have so much for which to be joyful and grateful from 2015. Looking back, I feel indebted to God and every single person He set in our path to help us accomplish what we have.  Profoundly indebted, and blogging it can’t even cover the extent of it, so I’ll just leave it alone for now.

If I don’t post again til January, you’d do best to find me on Instagram, or playing Mario Kart with my people.  Bye.