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Here I am! {Convos with the Bros.}

If you’re following Svellerella on Facebook, you’ll have noted I took an accidental-on-purpose blogging vacay this month.  If you’re not following me on FB, go on then and do eet because that’s where I share my extra/side/extremely glamorous behind-the-scenes info and give you all heads ups about the giveaways and stuff I’ll be doing in the future. I’m also super active on Instagram posting all the pictures of my children like a big ol’ PARENT.  Or don’t follow, that’s fine. The blog still turns, but won’t be returning to its full-throttle excellence until January.

The accidental-on-purpose blogging vacay has been great.  It’s good to know I can step away whenever and not feel like the internet will break if I don’t blab about nothing to no one on it.  But I guess I am a true and blue blogger because the itch to type remains, and here I am to scratch it.

Craig, myself, and the brothers three are still here, enjoying our family, and happily NOT relocating for Craig’s job.  I’m relieved and feel like I can breathe again, and have a baby in the springtime.  Meanwhile, we’re on a house hunt which we’re hoping will end by the summer. I’m so excited about this owning-a-home part I cannot squeal girly enough. Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure to wax and wane about it over the months to come. Craig’s doing great, and he’s my knight in shining armor who showers me with bags of mini Twix when he knows I’m stressed out.  A husband to a fourth-time prego wife knows better by now, and boy do I feel like a dainty hippo princess.

Why am I blogging right as Christmas falls upon us and everyone has so much free time to read blogs? Cause I wanna.  And for two other reasons: Emmett turns 4 next week, so I have to do a little birthday post for him.  And secondly, Collin The Terrible Two Year Old is talking so much I’ve got to take some of this down because um, he’s my child and I think everything he says is angelic and cherub-y, of course.

And don’t worry, Lexington won’t let anyone forget him without a fight.

Property of Carolyn Svellinger


Lexington: Collin, go and get that LEGO, right there.
Collin: I can’t do it, bro.

Carolyn: Collin, what color should Mommy paint her toenails?
Collin: uhh. BLACK.

Carolyn: Collin, are you kidding me? You pooped again! WHY!   ((seriously it was like #5 for the day))
Collin: Uh, cause, Momma.

Lexington: *takes walk of shame to the corner*
Collin (spectating): Not good, bro. Not good.

Collin (every morning): Hi, Mom. awww! Hug! Kiss!

Carolyn: No, not right now. You can have an orange later.
Collin: NO! BAD BOY, MOM! Oh-gee righhh NOW!
Collin: Not good, Mom.

Collin: Wetz watch Weh-monhead.
Carolyn: Lemon head? I don’t understand you.
Collin: WEH. MEN. HEAD! Righh dere! Wook, mom.
Carolyn: Ah, Robin Hood.
Collin: Sss’yes, Mom.  WEMONHEAD!

Collin to Nan (what they call my mom): Nan, Ban-dain on toes?
Nan: Yes, a band-aid.
Collin: A boo-boo? Aww. Okay, Nan?

Collin: One more oh-gee (orange), please, Mom?  Fank- youmom.

Property of Carolyn Svellinger


Lexington: Wait– WAIT. You and Dad are the BOSS?!
Carolyn: mm-hm.
Lexington: The bosses of this family?!
Lexington: Because you are married?
Carolyn: Yup.
Lexington: –and you are in LOVE?!
Carolyn: mm-hm.
Lexington: *slaps forehead* I just can’t believe it.

Lexington (at Target): Something smells disgusting. I bet it’s coming from that pink aisle with all the girl stuff in it.

Carolyn: Wow, it’s hot up here.
Lexington: I dunno about that, but I smell victory. …yep. Nothing but the smell of victory up here.

Lexington (to Collin): Here, I’m playing a little lullaby for you to get all snoozed and boozed and sleepy.

Carolyn: Did someone get into the dessert? I smell chocolate.
Lexington: Well, I don’t smell chocolate, but I do smell something delicious like potato-banana-breath.

Lexington: Mom, the world needs Froggy Town.

Lexington: COLLIN! Take your “no” voice and put it in your mouth.  Take your “yes” voice out.  That’s the voice I like.

Lexington: Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a town full of color and buildings but there was a black magic wand which made everything turn into dark, black, DISGUSTING …carpet! And there were spiderwebs crawling around spinning puke at everyone. And there was a mean doctor who made the mean spiders feel better.  And there was like twenty…nine spiders stomping.  And superheroes came to save the world. And the whole village turned back to what it was before. THE END.

Property of Carolyn Svellinger



Emmett (upon first seeing the Christmas tree set up in my parent’s living room): It’s a very good Christmas tree! It’s ah-beautiful! You made a good Christmas tree! BEST Christmas tree! MERRY CHRISTMAS TREE!!

Carolyn: I love you, Emmett
Emmett: Yes, Mother.


Property of Carolyn Svellinger

…more on Emmett later because his birthday is next week!  Talk soon!


  1. Yay! I’m so excited for you guys to buy a house! It’s so awesome and horrible at the same time…or at least the house shopping part with kids. But since you’ve got family near by maybe you can skim through the horrible part of shopping while trying to keep kids happy lol

  2. Oooh you can buy my house! Except we’re trying to move because we only have two bedrooms so that probably wont work for ya either….We’ve been searching for Mr. Perfect House for a year. My trouble is that I fall in love with a property and then we get out the calculator and think about improvements and moving costs and closing costs and I decide the property isn’t quite as beautiful as I thought I was haha.

    1. booo! I’m SO into older houses, too, so I foresee the disappointment on my end as well. I’m hoping our hunt won’t last more than a year, but I’m tryyyying to be realistic.

      1. Oh I’m sure you’ll fair better than we are! You’re so lucky to be only buying, not selling. Most homes we’ve been looking at are selling 10-30k below asking price, which is great when you’re looking but not great when you go to sell your own lol. We have an old house now and we love it but you definitely have to be ok with things not appearing perfect. Good luck!


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