5 years ago

Happy Easter- lots of work ahead!

I hope youse guys had a beautiful Easter Sunday (or Vigil)!
I, however, did not. I mean I did, but it wasn’t easy.
Easter is my favorite holiday. Holy Week is my favorite week.

Each year, I find myself able to deeply connect spiritually to Jesus’s Passion, to the disciples, to the Blessed Mother, and by doing so, God usually reveals a deeper knowledge of myself giving me further personal growth and change.

This year, it’s been battling cracker crumbs, chasing runaway pacifiers, and wrenching the hair which grows from the most sensitive part of my scalp from the vice-like grip of my 6 month old. We chose, for the first time, to forego the Easter Vigil (even though it’s my studly husband’s 2nd anniversary as a Catholic and we love the Vigil), make it “easy” on ourselves and go to the 11am Mass Easter Morning.  ‘Twas not easy.

Fresh out of Easter Morning Mass, and I was ready to thrash.
Fresh out of Easter Morning Mass, and I was ready to thrash.

That’s not even the difficult part.
Usually, I am able to physically attend my children day in and day out -at Mass and at home- while walking throughout my day in a spirit of prayer. I am unusually blessed with the Peace of Jesus Christ.  Not much shocks me, not much depresses me.

But this year, I have been hit with an overwhelmingly heavy yoke of people whom I love, who have absolutely no sense about the Easter season, what it means, or even that they have the power to walk toward the Light of Christ.  Some don’t even know what the Light looks like.
And so I wonder that if I know what the Light of Christ is, is it my fault that my loved ones do not know??? 

Ultimately, I have concluded that no, it’s not entirely my fault.  Because we are each given free will; the choice to choose or reject that Light as we see fit.
Nonetheless, I wonder if the example of my actions is leading my loved ones toward or away from the Light of Christ.  Are my words- I, who have been bestowed the gift of words- leading my loved ones toward Christ?  Or are my words sending them running toward anything but the Light?  Anything that isn’t the light is darkness.

So here I am, in a very different state than I’m used to experiencing: Reconsidering how and what I write.  I hope I fill your heart with love and empower you with knowledge; knowledge to choose the light when presented the dark. I hope to define the light.
This is my Easter resolution.  I am sorry for my past harsh, sarcastic wording.  I can’t promise that how I write will be snark-free from now on, because that’s just me.  But I do promise to try to convey greater compassion.

I look forward to this spring and summer.  I have a TON that I want to discuss.  Here are some of my future topics I wish to cover:

  • On Cursing and Vulgar Language
  • More on Catholicism- What really goes on during Mass (rituals, traditions, just doing what everyone else does without thinking why)
  • On the Human Body- What is the human body’s purpose, and Why do You Care What I Do With it?
  • Feminism- a little bit Femi-Nazi, a lotta bit Holy Mother of God
  • The Beautiful Insanity of Motherhood- laughs and tears and crumbs fer dayz yearz.
  • More on the Theory of Relativity- Not the Einstein Kind.

That’s a lot o’ junk I want to cover, no? I also have a few personal projects that I am working on, which I can’t wait to share with you all– but not quite yet!

Give me a hand, tell me what you want me to rant and rave over! Feel free to be anonymous, but polite s’il vous plait. See you all for my 5 Faves (Wednesday) and 7QT (Friday).  I promise you’ll be laughing tears.



  1. I believe that all of us have the responsibility to share Jesus Christ and His grace and love to others–especially the people closest to us. Evangelism and faith-sharing is a fundamental duty of a Christian. Nevertheless, we cannot coerce anybody to accept or faith and beliefs, much more practice it. It is only God who can change the hearts of men.

    And yes, our life is our greatest testament of faith. God bless you with your Easter resolutions. With Christ, nothing is impossible Carolyn.

  2. Definitely on the cursing and vulgar language! We visited my hubs side for dinner, and the language over there with his siblings and aunts/uncles makes me so uncomfortable! would love to hear your thoughts and get some encourgaement how to deal with it:)

  3. I don’t think you have to give up snark completely. I think it’s about being mindful of how you come across.

    As for having a number of people around you who are missing the Light, you’re not alone. My parents, brother, sister-in-law, and my husband’s sister and brother-in-law aren’t religious and I’ve been praying for their salvation for a number of years. In roads are being made but it’s God who ultimately changes hearts, not us.


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