6 years ago

Goodbye 3GS, you’ll be missed dearly. But not really.

I finally got the iPhone 4S (birthday present!) -and the pretty pink KS case- and I was actually afraid that I would be disappointed about it. First of all, I uploaded the new iOS 5 onto my 3GS and I thought that the 4s wouldn’t be as exciting because, how different could the 4s really be with the same OS? I realized that the 4S has Siri and so I’m writing this blog using Siri instead of exhausting my tiny little typing fingers. Siri does a pretty good job of writing exactly what I’m saying except I don’t talk is well as I write. I’m not good at organizing the words that come out of my mouth as well as I can when typing so I’m going to stop right now and continue typing.

Plus, Siri doesn’t insert punctuation and that drives me nuts. So I had to go back and add periods and commas and apostrophes. Sorry if I left one out. Anyway… I feel like I’m cheating on my little 3GS. Weird?

I decided I’ll ditch the cute little KateSpade cover and get a sturdier one for the 3GS, empty it of all my apps except for Lexington’s games. I’ll keep it and have it for him to play with in moments of required calmness. I’m talking like out in public or in the car. No… Not in church. We’ve taught him how to behave in church and he does really well.

I’ve only uploaded learning apps for him with Disney themes or whatever, nothing violent, involving shooting or killing things. I truly believe violent video games can encourage aggression.

So that’s exciting. We’ll see how it goes. And if it doesn’t go, that’s the wonder of being a parent, isn’t it? I can take it away.