3 years ago

Freebie Friday (On a Saturday!) at the Svellerella

Hi there.


This is like so short I feel like a cheater 7QT-ing it, but Jen’s slacking off too, so Imma do it anyway.


In case you missed the fun, Bonnie hosted a fun blog hop this week and was sweet enough to include me in a group of ladies who all shared how we welcome Autumn into our homes.    My post is here, and if you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find the links to all the ladies who participated.  I’ll just tell you right now, if you start at my post, they only get better from there.


For as little as I decorate, I’m still feeling spry and fallish— but as noted in my previous post, for me that means baking and sketching.  Which is good for two groups of people.  When I bake, visitors to our home usually reap the pastry benefits.  I baked a little this week for Craig’s birthday, and there’s more celebrating to be had this weekend, especially as he worked a long day and we were all fast asleep by the time he got home.


When I sketch, I have decided YOU shall to reap the benefits of the scribbz, if you’d like. If you want.  On special occasion.  Aka, when I feel like it. Aka, today’s the day because the boys gave me a few minutes to scribble out some left over fallspiration. Then they helped themselves to my markers, and covered their hands in purple and red which appear shocking and gory to the flitting eyeball.


I’m slowly delving into selling my graphic design slash illustration work.  A small example may be found here.  More examples of my artistic styles are laced into Instagram. BUT I figured, if I don’t also share here, how on earth am I going to get the word out?  So, I’ll be doing this more frequently, God willing.  And yes, it’s an act of God, because see #4.


So as a token of my love for you as readers and likers of my blog, below is a free, printable PDF to hang, or not to hang in your house, to matte and send to a friend, to just keep on your phone to take up space, to print out and let your child chew on it so you can start dinner. or whatever.
I didn’t think people actually printed out printables, but I think I’m wrong.


Here you go!  Happy weekend, happy fall, much love to yas all.

Autumn leaves heart CAS-1

>>>>Click here to download your free, C. Svell illustration. hootie hoo.