6 years ago

Decoding what Komen REALLY says.

If anyone has been following the whole Komen-Planned Parenthood issue even remotely closely, they’ll have noticed that the media is having a trilling heyday over Komen flip-flopping and reversing its decision. But, again, if you’ve been watching and reading closely, Komen’s apparent “backtracking” is not so. Their “reversal” statement is no different than their original statement.

Please read Jill Stanek’s astute observation and then continue to watch Komen over the next year-year and a half. It’s now a waiting game.

And for goodness sakes! Before posting an article, READ it first, and thoroughly, before going (as my mom so accurately pointed out) completely Chicken Little and screaming that the SKY IS FALLING before even looking up. You’ll get eaten by the wolves.

I’d like to comment further on how Planned Parenthood has effectively bullied Komen and it’s supporters (they raised over $1 million in “emergency funds” knowing their grants would still be honored through the year!).

I have mommy stuff to do and I’ll try to post soon. As for now, the article above says pretty much what I’d like to write anyway.

And this one does too:


So does this one:


That’s all!

Decoding what Komen REALLY says.

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