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Conversations With Lexington #3 (or thereabouts)

I’m linking to Grace’s site because it’s her hilarious Conversations with Julia which inspired me to regularly post my own.
Wouldn’t a link up be so fun? Ultimate bad mood lifter: reading the adorable/hilarious/absurd things that little language learners say always leaves me with beeeeg fat smilez. >>>

And begin:

Lexington: Ice pops!
Carolyn: No, they’re ice cubes.
Lexington: But why are they ice cubes of ice pops?
Carolyn: They’re just ice. cubes.
Lexington: Ice cube– pops!!
Carolyn: ice. cubes. ICE-CUBES!
Lexington:                                    …What about ice cubes, Mom?

Lexington: Emmett! Your Elmo shirt looks pretty and beautiful!
Carolyn: It’s handsome.
Lexington: That’s a nice thing to say, Mom!

Carolyn: This meat is frozen solid!
Lexington: RAISIN SALAD?!

Lexington counting the remaining bites on his plate while at the dinner table:  One …two …three …fourrrr –FIVE NIPPLES!

After explaining to Lexington that Nan (my mom) would be bringing a craft to our house to make a turkey out of a pinecone, comme ça:
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Lexington: We are going to eat a TURKEY PIE!?
Carolyn: No. You will make a turkey out of a pine cone.
Lexington: A Turkey sandwich and a pie?
Carolyn: No. You won’t be eating anything.  You will use a pinecone to make a statue that looks like a turkey.
Lexington: But will Nan make a pie, too?
Carolyn: There will be no pies. Only pineCONES. …and you will make the pinecone look like a turkey.
Lexington: Mom, pinecone sounds ezzac’ly like the word pie.
Carolyn: Yes, I see the confusion.

And STOP. Color time:
Lexington STOP

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