In December 2013, our son, Emmett, received an official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
I’ve collected past posts which include some of my insanity reflections on our challenges we’ve met and his delays before we knew his diagnosis, as well as our life moving forward: learning how to help Emmett grow to the fullest of his potential.

I title this collection “Emmett’s Little World.”
You are welcome to follow along and contribute your knowledge about Autism. We thank you!

Before you say I need to discipline my child better… (Intro to Autism, before diagnosis)

Wondering if I’m a wimpy mom for being overwhelmed by taking my kids out in public (before diagnosis)

Stressed and worrying. (Before diagnosis)

Scared out of my mind. (before diagnosis)

5 {The Diagnosis}

What we’ve learned so far about Autism – Summer #2

Emmett’s Word Book

Emmett, Autism & Discovering his Hyperlexia Part I (with a side of crappy therapists, but one good one.)

Emmett, Autism & discovering his Hyperlexia Part II

10 Emmett and family socialization

11 Playing in the Snow with Autism