5 years ago


Check out my “more info” bar at the top of my blog page.  I’m thinking in the next few months I’ll need to revamp the design, because it’s not exactly easy to see.  I’m even entertaining heading over to WordPress.  !!! yikes, I know… it’s kind of more profeshhh, but unhappily, a lot less artistic.   But, from what I understand it’s easier to work with, there’s wayyyy more sharing and blogging capability and, by joe, easier on the eye -though less “pretty”.  With Tumblr, I often have to work with html to MAKE it do what I want.  I learned html in college… but thats been 4 years ago now and sometimes it takes all day for me to figure out things that should be simple.  I can’t spare that time. riff-raff!

Of course, I’ll let you all know what’s going on. But like I previously posted, I’m not going to be spending much time making changes for the next few months.   grazieee.

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