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Also, this country (meaning the US, which I assume is where you live) is not a theocracy, which means that the laws of this country (including the laws regarding abortion) should not be based on any one religion (or holy book) in particular. So just because your religion teaches you to think that abortion is morally wrong doesn’t mean a thing in terms of whether or not abortion should be illegal.

I’ll finally get to the first part of your question soon, I hope. First though, if like to thank you for your questions and comments. I thank you for your civility in your choice of words- it really is very much appreciated!

To respond about basing my support for life:
Religion takes part in my conviction, my morals, my values, to be sure.
But try not to let that give you a prejudiced edge on your judgment of why I’m prolife. Some of the greatest scientists, psychologists, inventors, thinkers, charitable givers and philanthropists have religion as their stronghold.

Secondly. When it comes to the laws of our nation:
Just. Ecause it’s legal or illegal doesn’t mean it’s right.

Slavery was legal at one point in our country. The law of the land. Was it right? Or would you have just accepted it because that’s “the law”?
Black americans were not considered to be fully human at that time. Because of the law (Dread Scott) would you have just said, “well, that’s the law, it must be right.”

Hitler mandated that Jews, because of their religion were an unworthy race. He ordered the hunt and extermination of their race and religion. Lawfully. So as the law abiding citizen, would you have partaken in turning the undesirable race over to the concentration camps, or would you have rebelled against your country’s law to protect these equally human beings?

So now we come to the extermination of an unborn human being because the human is not wanted. The unborn human may be diseased, malformed, black, Jewish, Catholic, look like his rapist father, autistic, end up with cancer, or any other “ailment” that many in our nation view as “undesirable”. It’s lawful to “terminate” that life in America. Look at that life as objectively as you can, put religion aside, call it a clump of cells, a fetus, a baby, a child… All of these names represent what it truly is: a human life. An innocent one. When is it okay for it to be a law legalizing the killing of an innocent human life? At any stage. “If you have to stop it, it’s because it’s already begun,” I once read.
I will forever rebel the killing of an innocent human being, no matter how undesirable others may deem him/her, that human has a right to be given a chance to prove those people wrong.

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