6 years ago

Ahh my new favorite coffee item for the morning!

I used to work for Starbucks in my college days, so I was trained on tasting coffee and pairing the different flavors with cakes, muffins and coooookies (I’m a cookie monster). I’ll tell you whut, I do not like Starbucks brewed coffee. I still don’t enjoy it. At all.
I love their espresso drinks, but the only Sbux coffee I enjoy is the Christmas Blend, with something chocolateyyyy.
It is all mostly too bitter and dry for me. And no matter if I added flavor or milk to it, I didn’t care for the strong taste of their coffee.

So with that experience in mind, why did I even DARE try this product???

I dunno.
I try to keep an open, positive mind about different foods and drinks, I guess.

And I am SO happy I tried it!
It’s made with Cane Sugar, (no HFCS!) and c’est pas mal!
It’s very flavorful and smooooooothe.
Each packet is only one cup- just add hot water- like instant cocoa- and slurp away.

It’s GREAT for me- I normally have to sacrifice eating in order to take the time to brew my coffee in the mornings— I don’t have the Keurig, and I don’t like the machines that you set a timer on and pour the grinds in the night before (I believe leaving the grinds out overnight makes the coffee taste bitter)

If you like flavored coffee- I definitely recommend trying thisa’one. If you’re traveling and/or in a rush, this one is glorious.

Or, if you’re a momma like me, and don’t want to have to drive to a Starbucks to order a $4 drink that tastes exactly like this one, or you just need your coffee NOW, give this a shot. No pun intended. …Or maybe it was.


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