Meet Carolyn.

And then there’s real life Carolyn. Meet her too.


So this momface has three baby boy faces, and three baby butts she wipes clean so often and so proficiently, that thrice she has changed a sleeping poopy diaper in the dark and not woken the baby.

She does other things too …though she can’t think of them right now. Oh! Right. Diapers.

She’s been referred to as “earthy”, but not too earthy because she is loyal to Kenra #25 and dearly cherishes a mani/pedi once in a 6 month.
She’s introvert-y to the extent that a job consisting only of cold-calling would be a good way to shorten her term in Purgatory. Conversely, however, she knows no stage fright and has wonderful memories of performing in high school musicals (ending on a high note as The Wicked Witch of the West, in The Wizard of Oz) and was blessed with opportunities while attending art school to do a little catwalking.

“Hi– what– I- …hm. Welcome.”

An Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding, Co-sleeping, Natural Birthing convert, Carolyn has lots of insight to offer, and a ton of non-judgement to pass because parenting is a labyrinth and its dance is interpretive.

Colbert Dance on Make A.Gif

Join us in the upstream swim, with the understanding that you’re already her friend and she totally GETS the momface, and maybe the mombutt.
She will likely whine about the calamity it means to get out of the house, the chaos that wracks her brain while they’re out, and the moments of clarity that float into and right on out of her head while safe at home.  She wouldn’t remember them if it weren’t for this blogbreath.

Carolyn married Craig, who works long hours, and is currently finishing his degree.
They understand that their choices of homeschooling, not using contraceptives, and constantly questioning “Is there a better way?” is a lot of swimming upstream. It’s the stuff of life. Bring it on. …but gently, please?



  1. Stumbled upon this blog. Somehow, reading this page makes me feel like I already know you. At least, I think we’d get along in real life. You’re a beautiful woman and mom, inside and out. I’m in my early twenties and have just begun talking about marriage and raising a Christ-centered family with my current boyfriend. Looking forward to learning from your experiences and insights. :)

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever actually read every word an About Me that was longer than a paragraph. You’ve kept my attention to the end and even got me to laugh out loud. Bravo on a well written About Me section :-)


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