5 years ago

A very Late What I Wore Sunday.

So here’s what I wore. I wasn’t feeling very well, so making a ridiculous face was better than the grimace my husband had photographed in the first few attempts.

I’m still in the awkward not-quite-fitting-into-normal-clothes-yet phase. Though I weighed myself at my MIL’s house (we don’t keep a scale) and I’m only 10lbs away from my preprego weight.

                   NOT BAD.

So I dusted off an old pair of wool slacks from when I got fat my freshman year, and they fit okay. A little roomy, but whatever. From The Limited.
Puff sleeve Tee: Costco 2 years ago (yup, right off one of the 50 tables in the middle of the store)
Scarf: Nordstrom, last year.
Coat: NY&Co, last year, big sale.
I’d like to say I wore some cute flats… but I wore my Sperrys.
My Hair:  Still long and haggish. I mean, it looks like I have extensions, only without the volume.  yuck.

There we go.  Hopefully, I’ll get to post on time this week.  Probably not, though! Just sayin! 

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