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A few of my favorite Things {GIVEAWAY!}


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Snifffffff… nothin’ like the smell of b*tchy resting face in the plain of day.

Welcome to a few examples of why Carolyn doesn’t fashion blog much.  Also welcome to my 2014 All Star list of favorite locally made and health-aware products.   These lovely items have outshone everything else among my items I consider a luxury which I am blessed to be able to wear and use on a regular basis.  Let’s untie that brown paper package, shall we?   **Note note note** that I love these products so much that I’m an affiliate for many of them, and I so appreciate you clicking on and purchasing through the links (at no additional cost to you) I give because it helps my family out. Thank you from me and mine.

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{ Svellerella’s 2014 Favorite Things! }


 – The Wrapped Cardigan

Seamly Wrapped cardigan, fashion

Say hello to my favorite cardigan this year:  Seamly Co.’s Wrapped Cardigan.  When I discovered Seamly Co through Instagram late last year, I purchased their purple wrapped cardigan while being totally excited to contribute to sustainable fashion and their awesome mission of producing US made goods.  After wearing it for everything from a cozy momiform to a flowy part of my Sunday Best, I’d worn the fellow out so much that I almost panicked knowing I needed a new one.

fashion, seamly wrapped cardigan

Seamly Co came out with a gorgeous oatmeal color this fall and will you cringe too much when I tell you …I fell? AH! My favorite thing about this cardigan is the flow-y forgiveness of a growing baby bump!  Blessedly versatile and look how cute!

fashion, seamly wrapped cardigan

Seamly Co shows us three different ways to wear this cardigan on their site.  Go look!

Wrenn Jewelry

Wrenn Jewelry, fashion

I know I’m singing the tune I’m every woman when I say I’m SUPER picky about the kind of jewelry I like.  By now I think I’ve made it loud and clear that I’m a lifer for Wrenn Jewelry.

Wrenn Jewelry, fashion


Alissa hand makes her simple, yet gorgeously sparkly lovelies with care and is so attentive to every detail.  Her pieces stand out individually, which is excellent because while I love (the right kind) of jewelry, I think less is more and everything she makes steals the show on its own.

Wrenn Jewelry, fashion
Did I mention Alissa is a mother of two who had her youngest baby while fighting Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma and Crohn’s Disease?  And have I mentioned that she’s the sweetest and one of the most generous people I’ve met through Instagram?  I know I have, but there it is again.
Check her site out, and treat yo’self. …or mention it to your significant other and offer to write his final paper in exchange for his purchase of the Green with Wrennvy Oval ring. I mean I didn’t do that, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Got a B. :(


-Primal Pit Paste deodorant-

Natural deodorant, whole living, health products

For the last few years I’ve gone through countless sticks of waxy natural deodorants in failed attempts to find something which keeps the stink at bay and also doesn’t ruin the pits of my clothes.  In the spring, my friend Ashley recommended I try Primal Pit Paste.   I ordered a jar of their patchouli scent. I ordered Craig a sample size because I can never be sure if he’s on board.  When I found myself angry that he kept stealing from my jar, I knew we’d found a winner.

We made it through the summer, with about three weeks of a broken AC, and guess whose pits never knew the difference?  Mine.
Guess what else? Primal Pit Paste now makes an actual stick of deodorant– but I’m too primal for that now and I love my jar of paste. ;)


Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Younique, makeup

Okay so I avoid online makeup/jewelry/handbag/nail wrap parties like the plague.  Why? Because in my experience, the product is never up to snuff, the style doesn’t jive with mine, and the prices are always more than I want to spend on something I don’t really like.

And then Ali messaged me about Younique 3D Fiber Lashes.  In my usual abrasive fashion, I told her of my skepticism.  But sweet Ali sent me a package in the mail and I found myself giving Younique a shot, despite my prejudices.  I’ve been using them for a solid 2 months and yep, she converted me.

BUT! The small catch about Younique Fiber Lashes –which I suspect is frequently misunderstood about the product– is that it’s not really a mascara.  The application process is totally different, though quite simple.

fashion, makeup, younique

When I first tried YM3DFL, I skimmed the instructions, and started slathering everything on in fast layers like a normal mascara and voila tarantula legs are shooting out of my eyelids and I look like a monster.   After re-reading everything and watching Ali’s tutorial, I carefully tried again– BA-BOOM!! My lashes were touching my eyebrows.  I looked Younique up on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database to check for the toxicity in their ingredients and I was impressed to see that it rates safer than my old faithful Bare Escentuals mascara.  I’m happy to have found another keeper!

This product truly is a little luxury, especially exciting to have around the holidays, and I’m giddy Ali was sweet enough to take a chance on queen Elsa.  Nah nah nah hey nah nah.

-Young Living Essential Oils-

Young Living, essential oil

I’ve been learning about using essential oils for a few years. Slowly I’ve tried a few different brands here and there, experimenting with different smells and since I’m predisposed to look for an alternative way to say, relieve a headache, calm a wild child at bedtime, sanitize grubby little hands, soothe an upset tummy, and relieve anxiety I guess I’m a big ol’ sucker for essential oils.  Last month I won a generous gift certificate to buy a startup kit with Young Living, and since I’d been talking with Craig for over a year about becoming a distributor (this is how slow I am about things), I finally signed up!  So here we are and I am super excited to be able to share my love of these wonderful oils with you directly.


Do you like my list?  I like my list.

Thanks to the generosity of my favorite companies, and as a huge thank you for your readership this year, you, my favorite Svell reader, have a chance to win each of these items in one big, virtual brown paper package tied up with the loveliest of strings.

The winner of my Faves of 2014 Giveaway will receive:

  1. A Seamly Co Wrapped Cardigan in your choice of color and size.

  2. $50 online Gift Card code to shop at Wrenn Jewelry

  3. One of Primal Pit Paste’s deodorants in your choice of scent, either a jar or a stick.

  4. Younique MoodStruck 3D Fiber Lashes from Ali Kettering

  5. A 5ml bottle of Young Living JOY Essential Oil

Come, come! Follow the rafflecopter prompts, do all the likes and all the things for more chances to win, and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning on my Facebook page.  US residents only, please.

EEEK! I’m so excited to see who wins!
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