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A Bible Study on Contraceptives

Ohhh man.  I’m bringing out the Christianity!  Heaven forbid I have a religious affiliation to dampen my credit.  

Oh well.

Here it is, a very short, study from home Bible Study on Contraceptives. But wait— it’s written by CATHOLICSZZZ?!?!?  YEAH. I think if one is open to finding the Truth, one might give it a try. A heartfelt try.  A prayerful try.  If one is not open to finding Truth, one will scoff, exit my post, or even take the time to comment, dissect and insult —probably using the F-word a few lovely times— what I’m representing here.  That’s fine, show your colors :)

Anyway, I’ve actually never done a Bible study about this before.  I scanned through it and it looks wholesome and involved in stirring moral conscience.  I was actually a little shocked —in a good way— after reading an excerpt from Christopher West that’s included in this little study:

More thoughts on contraception

From Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West

What purpose does Contraception really serve? This might sound odd at first, but let it sink in. Contraception was not invented to prevent pregnancy. We already had a 100% safe, 100%reliatble way of doing that –abstinence. In the final analysis, contraception serves one purpose: to spare us the difficulty we experience when confronted with the choice of abstinence. When all the smoke is cleared, contraception was invented because of our lack of self-control; contraception was invented to serve the indulgence of lust.

Why do we spay or neuter our dogs and cats? Because they can’t say no to their urge to merge; they’re not free. If we spay and neuter ourselves with contraception, we’re reducing the “great mystery” of the one flesh union to the level of Fido and Fidette in heat. What distinguished us from the animals in the first place? Freedom! God gave s freedom as the capacity to love. Contraception negates this freedom. It says, “I can’t abstain.” Hence, contracepted intercourse not only attacks the procreative meaning of sex, it “ceases also to be an act of love.” If you can’t say no to sex, what does your “yes” mean? Only the person is free with the freedom for which Christ set us free (Gal 5:1) is capable of authentic love.”

And, because my babies need me, I’ll leave it at that.  I hope this is useful :)

A Bible Study on Contraceptives

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