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7QT: Where Ice Queens may melt when hit with great tunes.

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It finally happened.  My youngest got a hold of a bottle of oil (hair waxing remover) and placed my iPhone at the mercy of its contents.  All of its contents.

This being the first mobile phone accident in the 5 years I’ve owned a smartphone, I have to say I’m proud we made it this far. But OIL? I was totally leaning for water, because rice bath. Done.

But no.  Oil for this mom’s phone.
And the screen damage looks fantastic.

The oil is acting like a poison: seeping to the most integral parts, slowly infecting my phone’s body.  At first my screen just appeared like I’d dimmed the backlighting. Then streaky lines started to appear.  Then bright white spots emerged.  Then I called Apple (with my iPhone of course) and my microphone started getting choppy and the Apple Care Expert I was talking with sounded like she was listening as someone was literally dying on the other end, “Hello? Carolyn? You’re breaking up.  I can barely hear you!  Okay, I- I- I’ll just walk you through a few steps… I’m so sorry! …oh! I’m sorry! It’ll be okay… Just try to breathe…

My first thoughts of panic were not the loss of my audio speakers (because see Take #3).  Not the loss of my ability to talk on the phone (I hate doing that anyway). I did not wring my hands in anxiety that my phone might die and I’d be shut off from mobile access to social networks.  No. None of those things.  My panic struck at the loss of my ability to see the screen clearly enough to edit a photograph.



Now I have to, like, sit down at a computer if I want to make an image look nice. bah ha. ha. ha. ha.


Property of C. Svellinger




Mourn with me.


In the past, we’ve talked personality types. I am consistently an INTJ/INTP (there’s a %1 difference between the Judging and the Prospecting for me).

At first I didn’t think it made much sense, but I enjoy music, I do, but I’m not head-over-heels always having headphones on my head or music blasting in the car.  It’s like purposely putting a person in my head who won’t shut up. “Get out!  OUT of my head I need to think!” is what music does to me.

Sometimes I feel that it sways me to think emotionally in a way which I’d otherwise not rationally consider.
It’s all feeling and emotional propaganda and hardly any facts at all.

Okay, wait– Domo arigato, Mrs. Roboto.  Maybe that does make complete sense for the introvert who relies on logic and frequently concludes that emotion gets in the way of rational behavior. touché.

Yet, there are times when Queen Elsa does enjoy music.  Most of the time, it’s when I’m writing or doing art work.  And that makes sense because rationality can only take one so far when expressing love, or beauty, or goodness.

If pressed to put on some tunes, I’m your Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, DMB, and recently Bastille kind of music listener (who did not know that any other kind of music existed besides the Beatles until the fourth grade).  Just to give you a base of what is comfortable for me. And put me in a theatre for a musical and the hills are aliiiiiive with the sound of wonderment and awe and good vibes. I cried at Wicked’s intermission because I thought Defying Gravity was so powerful. Okay? So I’m not a total ice queen.

So, which such musics totally go against my character, yet I can’t stop myself from shrilly bellowing along to the sounds of paradox?

  •  Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass.
    It’s awful.
    So awful.ly fun.
  • Lil’ Wayne. How To Love.  …I have no explanation for this.
  •  P!NK.  Anything from her.
  • Beyoncé –  I just listened to Pretty Hurts and it made sniffle.

What music do you totally love in spite of yourself?  David Bowie? I knew it.



Back to my musical comfort zone.  Being an INTJ/P you can accurately assume that I typically wouldn’t enjoy concert goings or being in large crowds.  Troo dat.

BUT. I’ve been to a few. And I have to say the most magical concert I’ve ever experienced was Coldplay. Experiencing Coldplay live is a musical kind of drug in which the introvert finds her arms lifting above her head, against her own wishes, and dancing like a flower child in a field of wheat and no bugs, suspended in outer space with fireflies encircling her head of floating hair.

Tell me, what was the best concert you’ve ever attended?  Really!  Tell me!


Coldplay’s letting out some new magic on the 19th.
Here’s my new favorite. MMM!

I luhh dat. On repeat forever.


My bloggy friend Krystin.  I have to shout out to her.  Her husband has been deployed with the US Air Force overseas for …5 months. She homeschools 6 children, one who was recently placed on the Autism spectrum.  She’s been doing it all alone, and still managed to blog a little about it, and have a sip from her “Deployment Survival Glass” now and then.

As much as I whine about my own husband working long hours and taking night classes to finish his degree, he still comes home at night.  That makes a huge difference for a wife, to know there is, in fact, an end each day.  Krystin basically had to pull an all-nighter for the last 5 months. Until today.  Her husband has finally returned, and her FB and Instagram feed have brought tears to my eyes.   I am so happy for you, Krystin, and your family!  Whole at long last!

I was scrolling through Krystin’s Instagram and Lexington asks “Who are those people, Mom?”

“Some of Mommy’s friends, ” says I.

“WHAT!? YOU HAVE FRIENDS???” says he, aghast.

I know. I know.


And now. I will wait for 3 more hours until I may enjoy a glass of this wine with Craig.

Property of C. Svellinger
Yes, DMB makes wine. Yes, (Crush, is the name of this red blend) it’s delicious. Yes, fangirl win.


Or maybe I will wait 3 more minutes.

Don’t blog, don’t tell.


(PS: that wine shot is my first edit in Lightroom!  Pretty good, eh?)


  1. I totally relate to the end of #6- I was reading something form a bloggy friend and started laughing hilariously. My hubby turned to me and said, “What?” I told him it was something funny a friend wrote. He said, “Friends? You’ve never even met them.”

    He sooo doesn’t understand the bloggy-community over the interwebs. That’s okay, I love him anyway.

  2. Oh no, I’m so sorry about your phone! That happened to me with coffee, and yeah, rice didn’t help at all.

    I’m an INTJ/INFJ and I also hate having things get in my head and drown out my thoughts. But I LOVE how music can help me drown out other things, like all the snorting and sneezing on my morning train.

    Favorite guilty pleasure? Rob Thomas or One Republic also make me emotional, but any over-produced hip hop usually makes me happy too.
    Best concert? Probably any outdoor country music act because they are so relaxed and it’s not all noisy-crowded in stadium seats.

  3. What a huge bummer about your phone…that’s the worst!
    I didn’t know Coldplay had new tunes coming out soon, I like that song and will have to check out the album:)

  4. I’m too old to talk music. Anyway I can see Ella & Benny live?? Hmmm

    Thanks for the shout out, I feel.. I don’t know.. Like I can actually breathe today.

  5. I laaaaahhhhhvvvve Coldplay too! (You know this already, I do believe) To answer your question, Coldplay was also my favorite concert to date. I even got to pull the lever that released billions of tiny paper butterflies…*swoon*

    I’m going to see Ray Lamontagne (birthday gift to myself, and to my pops) this June, and I’m sure his will be up towards the top of my “Favorite Concert Adventures” list, but none shall ever pass up Coldplay. :)

    Great post, as always!

  6. As an ISTJ… we’re not much alike, but I still love you as my bloggy friend and someone whom I find very inspirational and OK, I kind of want to be you at times. That doesn’t sound creepy at all. I love me some David Bowie (Space Oddessy… although that is more Ziggy Stardust) and DMB evokes memories of high school where all the cool kids listened to DMB and I didn’t discover DMB until COLLEGE! (Class of ’98!) Seriously though… I wish my pic edits looked half as good as yours. And what Instagram widget do you use? I love the slideshow style.

    K. That’s all.

    1. Karianna! My girl! You’re like one of my most admired bloggers! I’m so glad you’re blogging some more :) And the widget I use is called Snapwidget.com. it’s really easy to set up.

  7. Meet your cousin, the elusive INFJ!

    Current guilty pleasure = Iggy Azalea. Favorite show = The Raveonettes.

    I’ve never seen Lana Del Rey live, but I am in love with the dreamscapes she creates through song. I’m almost certain you would be into her music!

  8. Coldplay and U2 are on my list of bands to see live…Their music definitely does something to the soul. Your description of attending a Coldplay concert sounds exactly like I would imagine it would be :)

    Senior year of high school I’m pretty sure I had “Clocks” on repeat constantly…. and their new album sounds like it will also be on Deanna’s summer jams.

    I am sorry for your recent membership in the damaged Iphone club :/ No bueno. Praying for a speedy recovery for all! :)

    be at peace,


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