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7 –uhh 5 Quick Takes #2(7!!)

7 Quick Takes here with Jen @ Conversion Diary. She’s one of my favorite bloggy persons, and the people who link up with her are also my favorite bloggy people. …even though I am really bad at reading and dashing away without commenting. …still learning the blogging etiquette I am, I am.


Youse guys. I finished the post I’ve been going on and on about for like three weeks. I’m a terrible goal setter and an even worse goal achiever. So when I wrote my list of topics I wanted to cover this summer, “About the Mass” was one that I nudged toward the bottom, knowing myself better than I wanted to admit: that it seemed burdensome to write about a passion of mine which is so consistently misunderstood and railed against by the mainstream meeeeedz, and that the heavy aura attached to the topic would dissuade me to draft anything at all.
Yet here we are.
Why, oh why on earth have I been blathering on about the Mass being like a Dictionary?

“…I remember, as a little girl reading for school and asking my mom what certain words meant. Multiple times, she would say, “You don’t know that word? There’s the dictionary, look it up!”
I’d glance at the heavy thing sitting upon the bookshelf and roll my eyes.
The answer was within my grasp all the time.
But instead of exerting the energy to get up, walk across the room and bring myself to the full answer, I remained sitting there because I was cozy.
I skipped over the word I did not understand and continued to read, making up my own variation of the real meaning and feeling somewhat satisfied at my own ingenuity…

Go read the rest fer yerself.


Proud blogger moment: I taught myself how to add an Anchor into a post so that I may link to a specific place on a separate page. Have you ever clicked on a link that took you to the bottom of a page or straight to the comments? That takes some manual HTML labor. I’ve got a very basic (and probably dated) knowledge of HTML from a web design class I took at DAAP. But it was just one class. And this is what that produced… *shudder*. Keep in mind this was 2004. (There’s a little language, unguarded political incorrectness, and poking harsher fun at my friends than necessary. My writing skills at the time lacked the ability to properly convey a joking manner… even though I’m still working on that.)
Fast forward 9 years, and this week I learned how to insert the Anchor for my post on the Mass. Can you find it?


If there’s nothing else retained by reading this post about the Mass, I hope, I hope, I hope, you’ll dedicate some time to listen to these free iTunes talks I listed. I’m posting them here because they’re so compelling. And my post gives lots of external links, so these are easily overlooked:

1. Worship: “True Worship” (scroll to # 100)- Did God, in fact, tell us HOW to worship Him?
2. Worship: “Instituted, Not Invented” (scroll to # 99)- Where did God leave instructions on how to worship Him?
3. Worship: “Come Hungry” (scroll to #98)- Realizing that God calls us to Him: How do we respond when we know it’s important, but we just don’t care anymore?


Something fun:
I came upon a 21st birthday card from my little brother which I’ve saved.
My little bro is 6 years younger than I, so he was 15 when he wrote this. What a witty lad, that bro of mine. I especially enjoy his greeting line of, “Oy,”

Batman card cover

Batman card Inside


A few golden nuggets of convo with Lexington:

“Mom I ‘member lahhhst day dad got me a blue treat from Target. It looked like a beer, but it wasn’t. ”

Me: “Lexington, it’s bed time. it’s not time to run or jump…”
L: “–or go to outer space”
Me: “…yeah.”
L: “Plus, nobody’s up there. …Except Mickey Mouse sometimes.”

“What are you talking about mom?
Puke? Biscuits? Bones? Beans?”

L: “And I’ll fly away up in the skyyyy…”
Me: “To Mars?”

L: “No, just Washington.”

Merrrrr it’s 3:30 and I’ve run out of steam. Forgive me for not finishing my quick takes, but I’ve got to set up the living room with pillows and blankets for a late matinée viewing of Cars 2 with my boys who haven’t napped today. See you all Sunday! Love & peace!

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