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7 Quick Takes The Summer Things Issue

Guys, gals, it’s summer time.  Well, actually, it’s still spring, but whatever.  I’ve been out with my family, under the sun! Here are some of the things that have quickly become my summer favorites for on-the-go with my ruffians three. Enjoy! Then go see what Jen & co are writing about!


The Ergo Baby Carrier.

I carry Collin everywhere.  Ev-ry-WHERE.  For months, I have been dying for something a bit sturdier than my Balboa sling (which I still love and use for short amounts of time).

Target has finally started selling more baby carriers other than the Baby Bjorn. We never got Baby Bjorn because of the reported hip displacement/stress the carrier induces by the way it holds the baby.  Now granted, many people believe that this is not an issue because of the brief amount of time the baby will likely spend in the carrier.  However this is not the case for my babes. I like peace.  I carry him because that makes him happy.  Happy baby = happy mommy = happy baby. I am an AP mom, and given the evidence and personal experience, there’s nothing that will convince me otherwise. Happy Mother’s Day to me.

I’ve been wearing Collin for two weeks in this carrier with no neck pain. However, I still prefer to wear him on my front. We went to the Zoo last weekend and he stayed put the entire time, save for a diaper changing.


There is a zip pouch on the front, which I absolutely love.  It’s much bigger than it appears: room enough for one diaper, a small ziplock baggy of wipes, my essential wallet items, cell phone, and car keys.  No need to haul a huge diaper bag into the grocery store!
There’s a strange piece of fabric that is tucked into a second front pocket– strange, it appears, until one realizes its purpose!  Pull it up and snap it in place and this handy piece of fabric serves as a head covering to protect from sunshine, holds baby’s head from lulling backwards when baby falls asleep (he’s napping here as I type!), and serves as a cover so you can breastfeed (just loosen the straps a little) without taking him out of the carrier at all.  I wore my 2.5 year old on my back, and he was so comfortable, he cried when I took him out.  I was impressed with the weight distribution, and again, felt no strain on my neck at all.

I am less likely to use a carrier that requires the most pomp and circumstance to assemble, which explains my love for the Balboa sling, and while this carrier may appear to have a gazillion clips and straps, there are only two that need bothered with, once fitted to mom’s size. Snap, snap! and you’re good to go.   Bravo, Ergobaby, Bravo.

Neither Target, nor ErgoBaby paid or asked for me to write this review… but they should have, right?  I will accept iced espresso drinks as payment. thanks.

This carrier can be found on Amazon, but beware, I read that certain warehouses from Amazon are selling fakes.


Public places with breastfeeding accommodation.

nursing nest

In the Cincinnati area, the Zoo and the Kenwood Mall both have rooms dedicated for nursing moms/moms with young babies.  I have been particularly impressed with the Cincinnati Zoo’s “Nursing Nest”.  For me, having a separate environment away from the loud, echoing toilet flushing, if even to change baby’s diaper, is a plus.  But extra rooms with privacy curtains, rocking chairs, or cozy couches?  Now that’s fancy!


Iced coffee.

Preferably, with caramel and espresso.  But from Starbucks, that’s about $5 per heavenly drink. Even if I were really wealthy, I can’t reason spending $5 a day on a drink. A DRINK. That’s $35 a week. $35 can buy a box of diapers. So then, I imagine myself drinking a box of diapers away from my childrens’ sweet bottoms and I can’t do it. Starbucks is a special treat for me, something I award myself in advance for days when, say, I have to vacuum out the car because we have a family of rodents living the good life somewhere within.  I currently purchase the Caramel flavor syrup from Starbucks (yes, they’ll sell you one with a pump too, if you ask nicely), but they won’t sell me their frappuccino coffee concentrate. So I’ve been left to try to brew regular coffee and use it, failing miserably with watery, weak blended/iced coffee.
Nay!  Alack! It doesn’t have to be this way!  
My mom sent me a link from our friend, Mrs. Langenkamp, a link to coffee heaven.  This method keeps coffee cold, without it growing bitter over time.  I used Starbuck’s Pikes Place roast and only steeped it with 6qts, instead of the 8qts the Pioneer Woman instructs, and lemme tell you whut: thar be plenty yonder.

coffe fridge

I set it up at night, let it steep while I went to sleep. And when I woke up, I had an Iced Starbucks Caramel DREAM.

Here you go, here’s the Pin.  You’re welcome.


This sweet blue Mason jar.

jar better

 I found them at Target at the end of an aisle with clearance stuff.  I was intending to use them to make candles, but drinking the magic coffee concoction out of one just made more sense. Don’t worry, Kate, I got one for you, too.


Water Bottle.


Given the choice between the two, I pick coffee over water.  As much as I need coffee, I need water more.  The difference is that I don’t want it more.  Last summer I was Mrs. Preggers and in order to coax myself to drink more water, I found this pink CamelBak with a straw.  Now that warm weather is back, I’m continuing the use of this pretty charm. Coffee- check! Water- check!


Blueberry Muffins with streusel crumble on top.

image via bakedbree.com
image via bakedbree.com

The muffins in my pic with the coffee are from this recipe. Again, you’re welcome.


My Emmett saying “Mommy”

This has nothing to do with the rest of my quick takes, but it’s so noteworthy.  Last week, Emmett woke up from a nap and said “Mommy” with purpose.  If you’ve been following along, you’ll know he’s a little delayed on his speech development.  It was the sweetest symphony I’ve ever heard, and I thanked Jesus. I do thank Jesus.  “Mommy” is the best music in the world to hear, coming from your little babies.

Lastly, I’ve added a few things to my menu at the top of this page!  I compiled all of my birth stories!  It’s neat to see my transformation from uninformed, giving birth the way I fearfully believed “everyone does”, to a much more informed, empowered birth.  Hooray for knowledge!  Go have a read!

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  1. OH my. When I saw the blue mason jar I thought “ohmygoodness WHEN can I get to target!” At the same time, I vowed, this very morning, to not spend money at target (unless its for diapers) this pay check.
    And when you said you got me one (not joking) tears came to my eyes! God knew, and he told you, a blue mason jar would bring me joy. It’s true.


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