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7 Quick Takes Friday vol #many


Reeel quick today -but I’m getting the feeling that I snuck a big piece of news into my post last week and not many of you noticed because it was upstaged!


— 1 —

The big news? Voila:

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— 2 —

YES!  A teeny tiny little human person is happening in my belly!  New-to-me pregnancy symptoms?  On top of ye olde unpleasant nausea: HEADACHES!  EVER-PRESENT!  A cup of coffee helps a ton, but the throb is basically always there in the background.  I am not a headache person, I don’t ever get migraines.  So, now I guess I have a new group of people to pray for, because those who suffer chronic headaches or migraines- HOW DO YOU EVEN THINK?  I’m prayin’ for you. Oy.

— 3 —

How on earth did I miss this announcement? You might be wondering.  Well, if you’re family (hello there) I sent out a mass snail email, so it’s your fault for not checking the inbox ;)  Second, I’m shifting what information I share via facebook from my personal page, to mainly my Svellerella Page. Go follow so you can keep up to date with us.  Third, you most likely might have missed this info because you were mesmerized by my hysterical hand-dancing for Kelly’s Lip Sync contest.  I posted the announcement after the video.   I understand.  The hands are just too much to care for my writing that might follow.

— 4 —

Not nearly as exciting, but still fun, I posted a How To make your own t-shirt yarn for you all, if you’re wondering what to do with old, raggedy t-shirts served with a side benefit of environmental sustainability.  Enjoy!

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— 5 —

I have some exciting things to share about Emmett (age: 3, with Autism) and his amazing word recognition and retention. It’s too amazing for me not to dedicate a separate post to it, so stay tuned, and in the meantime, SHARE(s) DRINKS.

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— 6 —

Looking for a women’s daily devotional which is easy to access from your phone?? Blessed is She launched this week, and it is a view for sore eyes.  Created by mastah-mind Jenna, and including contributing writers who make up just about my ENTIRE Bloglovin feed, these girls put together the Bible readings which we’d usually hear in Mass that day, and then reflect, accompanied with gorgeous graphics.    When you subscribe, your daily devotionals will be delivered straight to your inbox.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s email subscriptions to sites I actually like with stuff I actually want to read; and as a mother who sometimes find it hard to keep her eye on the grander, Heavenly picture after she just discovered permanent marker on her keyboard or a large ant invasion around the front door (which the children are delighting in stepping ALL AROUND) , this is a beautiful reminder.  You will so, so enjoy it.  Go check it out!

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— 7 —

AND!  I added a media kit under my CONTACT tab!  I’m looking work with YOU, so here’s a micro Svellerella page I sketched up, showing you my style, what I’m about, and how to contact me if you want to team up/trade/do pretty and Holy things.  :)
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