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7 Quick Takes Friday: Pretties, Brews, & Bros.


I know, I know, big noob blogger faux pas: changing the graphics on her site point five seconds after launching it.  But isn’t that like ahhh, so much better?  I’m done. promise.  …with that part.  Yes!  That’s actually my silhouette. Fun fun fun.


The thing is, for the last 5 years that I’ve been blogging, 80% of my stuff has come directly from my smart phone. The other 20% has come from our Macbook Air, which is basically an iPad with a keyboard.  Which is fine if all it’s being used for is …NOTHING. AT ALL. EVER.  But my husband uses some hulking program to login remotely to his work office, AND he also somehow crammed Microsoft Office Suite for Mac into the tiny nonexistent hard drive.  Literally, the Air has no hard drive.  Craig would place blame of the memory sucker on like two DSLR photos I tried to upload once or twice, but even then —just, we’ve been in a really frustrating digital storage gridlock for many years.



The point of me sharing this backwash: I haven’t had the amazing creative freedom to use any sort of photo/graphics/web design software in just about 5 years. Everything I’ve shared with you through my blog and through Instagram has been 99.9% iPhone photos and iPhone graphics created with apps.  They do a great job. BUT.
We recently purchased a real, grown-up, desk-top computer with Buzz Lightyear memory capacity, and I swear I’m going to slay the web with all the pretty I am gunna do.  Roar.  You’re gunna hear me Katy Perry roar.


So, hi. Country girl wants to know what one of these puppies taste like:

Pinterest, you poison me.

Jenna had me drooling all over my screen a few days ago, and I’ve seen them all over creation but, not in Podunk town USA. When I think about how a macaron might taste, I imagine it’s a hybrid of a petit fours, a doughnut, and an oatmeal cream pie, but in the colors of the rainbow.
Am I spot on?
Are they soft and chewy? Do they have a cracky shell? Are they light and fluffy? Are they mostly dry and crunchy with a cream filling? How are they all so colorful? And why, oh why, did we not stumble upon some during my trip to Paris 10 years ago?
How is it fair that I can pronounce their name correctly, but know not their flavor?

So I looked up some Pinteresty Macaron recipes and when I came upon words like sieve, froth, sift, “fold in gently”, and piping bag, I knew I did not fit the description for Macaron Maker.  I do love a good and thorough 48 hour recipe method that births a delicious and beautiful treat, but I can only handle one of the above words per recipe.  Otherwise, the boys sense that I’m concentrating, and they don’t like that at all.


Have you heard of this lot yet?  Apparently, some Catholic chicks created an open Facebook group for anyone to join and ask questions, just chill, brew ideas, keep up with Catholic media, and get to know everyone on a more personal level.  It looks sweet to me, and I think the question as to which kind of “brew” is open for personal interpretation… just not the Bible. Cause if it were, we wouldn’t be Catholic. ding!

Come talk!


I know it’s about a month away, but I’m getting hyped up for the canonization of Blessed John Paul II.  He is my patron, my homie, the artist I strive to be.  Ah! He brought me back to Jesus with his Letter to Artists, and I’ve never been the same. I can’t even try to talk about how the letter transformed me without tearing up.  Expect me to get increasingly worked up over this as the celebration draws nigh. le sigh, le sigh.


How are we doing with our Lenten crafty crafts?  If one might recall, I’d aspired to create an in-home Stations of the Cross, a poster board calendar of the 40 days of Lent, and print out a bunch of goodies which the boys were all going to lovingly help me do, and everything was going to be pretty and lovely.

This is what I’ve got so far:

property of C. Svellinger
iStations-of-the-Cross: the mobile app for kids.

I count it as a huge success.  I didn’t think I’d get the holes punched and was ready to throw in the towel.  But my momma is a preschool teacher, and she’s got all the crafty tools, like laminators and mini hole-punchers.

The poster board calendar is sitting, unfinished, on top a bunch of stuff somewhere.

Go give Jen and the other quick takers some luv!


  1. Hi there! I love the new website & design & all! Just wanted to let you know that I’m also SO-OVERLY-CRAZILY Excited for the canonization of JPII!!! and he is also my self-declared PATRON, HERO, and favorite SAINT [to be…but I just pretend like he already]. He’s freaking amazing! I have a whole book collection on him…I have his pictures /quotes all around the house…and he just amazes me so.darn.much ALL THE TIME. I’ve been writing about him a lot on my blog….but definitely will be writing more with the canonization coming up.

  2. I am waaaay behind in my blog reading and this is the first I’ve seen the new design. Loving it!! At first I thought you were saying you never had a macaroon cookie and I was thinking…seriously?? But then I noticed you wrote macaron. Never heard of it. LOL. Good for you on your Lenten project. It may not be as much as you wanted but it is still something. I’ve been pushing the sacrifice bean jar in my house. Get those toys picked up – put a bean in the jar! Brush you teeth – put a bean in the jar! Go get mom a piece of chocolate – put a bean in the jar! ;-) Okay, gotta go read a lot more of you back posts!

  3. Hi there! Found your blog through Conversion Diary today. I wish I had submitted a 7 Quick Takes post this week… I’m new to blogging, and have GOT to get in on this.

    Obviously haven’t seen it before today, but whatever you’re doing with the look of your site is working, so congrats! I love the silhouette!

    I’ve never been tempted by the macaroon. They’re so pretty… but I can’t help but think that the taste would be a let down. Kind of like the weird famous German dessert we heard so much about – Schneeballen – looked good, tasted… not so much.

    Off to read PJP’s letter now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your blog is so pretty! I’ve eaten macarons (in Paris) and I’ve made macarons (once) and I’ve gotta say they’re not my favorite dessert by a long shot. They are pretty, though, and the flavor combinations/colors can be quite inventive, but they’re a little too sugary for me, and I have a heck of a sweet tooth. My $.02

  5. Amy and I were supposed to have a macaron making day and i guess we both forgot… If we ever do it, I’ll save some for you or you can tag along! Jeni’s ice cream is the bestestestest. She has a cook book and i’ve made a few of her recipes. this year i shall make the macaron sandwich!

  6. 1. I like the silhouette.

    2. I may have an old copy of the Adobe Creative Suite that I don’t need. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

    3. Macarons melt in your mouth and are arguably the best desert. If you ever go to Findlay Market, make sure to stop by Skirtz & Johnston (http://www.yelp.com/biz/s-and-j-bakery-and-cafe-cincinnati). They sell traditional macarons that are delicious. Also, Whole Foods sells Jeni’s ice cream from Columbus. They make macaron ice cream sandwiches that are delicious. Their like $7 at WF, but are worth it on occasion. My favorite flavor is Orchid Vanilla. Treat yo’self.


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