5 years ago

7 Quick Takes Friday #14 The One Sentence Short Story Edition

Today Grace is hosting for Jen, who is finally snuggling at home with her newborn baby boy.



After growing up with the cultural belief that it is a man’s job, and after waiting for my husband to be spontaneously inspired to do the job over the last 3 years, I sharpened my steak and butcher knives for the first time in their dull, little lives.


I went to bed without washing my face or brushing my teeth and then had a dreams of rotted teeth transformed into upside down “U” shaped pipe cleaners, and of swimming away in the form of a killer whale with a dolphin friend.


We live on a heavily wooded property, yet even when my spidey senses told me there was a mouse living in our vehicle, I still raised an eyebrow when I found a pink, hairless, baby mouse in the pocket of the passenger door.


I resolved that because our now 7 month old has begun crawling, climbing and scaling furniture I would have it much easier, but I was quite wrong.


Perhaps it will do better to show love to the mothers in your life because no one can know the weight of the yoke she is certainly carrying.


I used the word “yoke” in conversation this week alluding to the above sentence, but misspoke and said “yolk”.


I learned a lesson this week which I should’ve learned at 16 but have never before found myself in a position of having to choose between bathing myself or tending to two toddlers who each have six stomachs and a baby who won’t stop crying all week long: never. ever. dry shave your legs.

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