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7 Quick Takes #33 Updates + My Dad’s Famous.

Hi. Joining Conversion Diary for Jen’s 7 Quick Takes


We’ve moved to a new house and are renting it. It’s lovely and the space is something I can’t understand.
But I do understand that some of my woes from Bumpy Bridge sprang from having nowhere to put anything.
But I didn’t know that.
Now I do.


I wrote the aggrandized Breakup Letter to Bumpy Bridge.
Though as I sat down to wield my fiery keyboard with all my thoughts reeking of malice, I kind of had a Grinch Who Stole Christmas moment where my heart grew three sizes and I actually thanked Bumpy Bridge for its crappy cabinets through tears of joy …that I wasn’t there looking at them anymore.
So there you go.


I’ll only do this at every chance I get a fe more times, but if you like what I do, and want to help support a momma so she can write and illustrate children’s books and maybe run an Etsy shop filled with artsy illustrationy Christiany papers,leave me a tip. If you want. If you can.
I totally couldn’t. So no biggie.
That’s why it’s there, though.
I’ll take prayers though, …think of meeeee  …please promise me youuuuu’ll try. (Phantom of the Opera style).


So I know that with season changes, different foods and clothes and music come “in-season” and go hand in hand.
Like hot chocolate and chunky sweaters and “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”
Or Pumpkin Spice flavored coffees or teas and fuzzy blankets …and whatever song fills your personal void here. For me it’s the soundtrack to any of the Ocean’s Eleven movies.
 winter combo2
What about movies? 
Every Halloween I LOVE watching Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.
And when it gets snowy and fridgid, I crave Phantom of the Opera.
–and no (!) I still haven’t gotten to see the newest version of Les Miserables.
I also love watching:
The Trouble with Angels
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon version)
Lord of the Rings trilogy  …and now, The Hobbit.
Harry Potter
And of course: It’s a Wonderful Life
 What are your favorite winter food/clothing/song/movie combos?


I’ve been dying to share that my Dad was interviewed for EWTN’s The Journey Home TV series hosted by Marcus Grodi.
Why did I not mention this first or dedicate a separate post? It’s an example of the organization of my bwain. A-Z Card catalogue. yes.
Through the blogosphere, I started talking with Marcus Grodi’s daughter-in-law about Catholic parenting. Because I am an IDIOT, I didn’t connect the dots that her father-in-law works for EWTN until she asked me if I wanted to submit anyone’s name for the show.
I’ve never thought quicker; my Dad’s name was there before I could even process the question.
He was baptized into the Catholic church right as I entered high school, and he, along with my momma, is now considered by many in my family as the looney-religious-guy-who-doesn’t-eat-meat-some-days and is annoyingly always doing something at church.
my dad

But by hundreds at our parish: My dad is a living example of Christian discipleship, of selfless giving of time, talents and treasure, and of how thinking with reason and logic, much like Jen Fulwiler, one paradoxically lands himself in the Catholic Church.   ‘Tis a strange notion, I know, with the thinking and the reason. tsk, tsk, tsk.

I’ll be posting reminders every 15 minutes as the day his interview airs, I assure you.  The episode is showing:
December 2 at 8:00pm on EWTN

If you don’t have cable or can’t find the channel, you can watch the show online here.
This is a GLOBAL network.  My Daddy gonna be on TV in Frrayyyyyance and EEEtalie. Oh mah guuuuudnezz.
Before he left for his interview, we teased Dad by singing the Beatles’ remake of “Act Naturally” with ultra redneck voices:
“Ah might weeeein an Oscar, yew cayn never tayle”
I’m so proud of my Dad and can’t wait to watch!


Emmett is finishing the last of his 5,000 evaluations with therapists and doctors and Special Education people by the end of this month. It’s not 5k, I exaggerate.  It’s really only been 7 evals. In December, we will meet with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to be issued an official diagnosis for Emmett.
I have a post geared up, wrapping up my thoughts about this process, and learning about Emmett; but I’ll sum it up by these two sentences:
Emmett has taught me more about myself, about my principles and beliefs than I could ever have imagined. I am no longer afraid to speak these words: Autism or Mentally Disabled.


Someone tell me this is real.

I don’t know if this is real life or not, but my friend Krystin posted this today and immediately I envisioned myself in a cloak, sitting in a dark corner at the Leaky Cauldron, blogging, with a Butterbeer sitting next to my laptop. I DIE TO KNOW THE FLAVA OF A BUTTABEER.
Starbucks will have to do.
…which will never happen anyway, cause housework. and babiez.

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