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7 Quick Takes #32 Who Here Can Yodel?

‘Cause I have definitely tried before, but I tend to do better at chimpanzee sounds.

Okay, clearing the air. Joining Jen for the 32nd time at Conversion Diary to discuss 7quickthings.


I mentioned yodeling because right now I kind of feel like a mountain goat.  The mountain goat NatGeo is always following around, waitin’ to see if she’s ever gonna stumble and fall off of that pebble upon which she’s gingerly balanced, into a precipice.
Scraggly Mountain Goat, here, trembly hoof grasping around for my next toehold.

If I scream I’m likely to realize I’m actually on a mountain. So right now, yodeling is about as close to screaming as I’ll allow myself.


I mentioned I was going to formally introduce youse guys to Bumpy Bridge House.  I am. But first I have to crush your reading-soul by informing you that we are moving out of it.  The story to follow will hopefully explain Billy Goat’s gruffin’ above.  It has something to do with the fact that there is a pond in our front yard. no fences. A sliding back door. A middle child who has these sensory-processing-disorders and often throws complete thrashing fits when someone exits from that door, and he tries to open it.  He, along with my 1 year old, exit the house, in the night, while I’m trying to pee, and my husband and oldest son are 5,000 miles down the driveway taking the trash out.
Collin falls down a set of wet, wood steps (albeit only 2), Emmett makes it 30 yards away by the time I’m outside, blindly screaming into the black woods surrounding our house.

I hate Bumpy Bridge.  I told you, I wrote a hate letter.  And I shall deliver. The best breakup letter evarrr.  s’comin. bilge water.


Everyone is safe, unharmed, and soundly asleep. I know things like these can and do happen anywhere, so I’m not putting complete blame on the house. I should’ve just peed my pants. It wouldn’t’ve mattered, I hadn’t showered all week anyway.


So yes, I am a bristly tangle of nerves.
Unpleasant to behold. I’d say kind of like a melange of Mrs. Bennett and Lady Catherine de Bourgh.  and a yodeling mountain goat.


Shall I scribble that out for youse all? Okay, I will:

goat debourgh bennett


So, I’ll be absent for like 2ish weeks.  I hope to at very minimum post about ol’ Bumpy Bridge during my hiatus… so then, is it not really a hiatus? Whatever…  BUT,  if I do, hide yo’ Pintrest, hide yo’ Instagram, hide yo’ Twitta, and you best beLIEVE hide yo’ Facebook, cause I’ll be plastering that mess everywhere.


If blogging were making me money, this post woulda been my breadwinner this week:

3 Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding.
Clicky on over there and share with me your story!

Pray that I quickly un-goat/de Bourgh/Bennett myself. Thanks to youse awwwlll!

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