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7 Quick Takes #28 {Exit Summer}


 So, last Friday, I said “see you Sunday” but I meant… next Sunday. I’d forgotten that I decided to back off and only post What I Wore Sunday every other week, for the time being. Blahblahblah blogging about blogging.
Here’s what I am:  The bug that hitches a ride on a tortoise. No wait. I’m the moss growing on the bug hitching the ride on the tortoise.
Piggybacking link-up-er. That’s me.
Linking up with Jen, while linking up with Hallie.


You see, I began this post on Monday in order to post it Tuesday with Hallie.  But the people got sick. My little people. Fevers for everyone. Thank you Jesus, nothing else.
Thank you Jesus, also, for the Ergo Carrier.  That contraption is the only way anyone got fed this week.
And for the above reason, I have not had a chance to wash my hair this week, despite my FB proclamation that I would be trying this intriguing Honey-Poo (recommended by Kendra from Fine Linen & Purple).


A disappointing week all around.  I was also supposed to visit with a group of Catholic homeschooling mommas who gather a few times a month to socialize and do the very things that apparently home-schooled kids are so frightfully neglected. Woe to the recluses. … if you do not sense my sarcasm, SENSE IT NOW.
Craig and I have felt called to and have been discerning homeschooling since Lexington was born.  But I need input and advice of every sort –especially the hard truths– because this is brand spankin’ new territory for me and mine. AH GOT TER DEW FER ME AND MAAAHHHYN!
I’ll write a post on our reasons for homeschooling anuzza day.

Because now…

–3– (begin 5 Faves #1)

5 of my favorite photos I took this summer, from my iPhone. It was difficult narrowing it to just 5. I had originally picked out 5 adorable photos which included my little pretties. Nay, by judging my site statistics, and the types of things people have Googled in order to find my blog, there are a lot of sickos looking for any potentially compromising photos of children they can get their nasty eyes on. As innocent and beautiful as we parents see our own children, there’s a nasty part of the internet world patiently waiting to take advantage of our pictures of our children due to our own ignorance. End mini-rant.

This isn’t to say that I shall cease posting photos of my family here, but I’m not photo-dumping either.

This is why I have Instagram, and aye, ’tis private. If you want to see my beautiful people (and incessant posts of coffee, cookies, old crappy sketches and new crappy sketches, sinks overflowing with dirty dishes, and blog propaganda), send me a request. After making sure you are indeed not a sicko, bienvenue!! (and also, I’m sorry. I’m a chronic Instagrammer. Look at my photo count. I’m probably borderline annoying feed flooder. So make sure that’s what you want before you follow.)
Otherwise, this is whatchu get:

Ooo. Green stuff after rainage. Riveting.  But no, really, who doesn’t love how everything looks after a storm?

–4– (5 Faves #2)

summer faves5

Zoo time. King Louie is not impressed.

–5– (5 Faves #3)


Shoes. Cut grass.

–6– (5 Faves #4)


Bumpy Bridge in da mornin’ mornin’.

–7– (5 Faves #5)


See? There’s Lexington!

That’s it. I’m gone.  Finish time. 1:29am. The only moments I’ve had to myself and instead of showering, I chose to blog those exciting photographs. I’ve also nullified my chance to “die to self” by whining about my suffering. Sainthood FAIL. We’ll gettum next time!

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