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7 Quick Randomish Takes #31


Here and there I work really hard on a post and hope it’ll totally geek someone out into learning more about that life subject. More often than not, however,  readers seem to recoil from that post because I’m way too sane to be reasoned with a papist, or peeps just aren’t Googling those types of life questions.  I tend to think both, because while I wish and wish and wish for this or this, for example, to be my most read posts, they’re completely and utterly not.

My top post, the one big life question that Google is driving yonder searchers to ye olde 4Life4Life Blog on the daily, is this: Honey-poo FAIL.

Guys, it’s not that great a post.

You either like brushing your hair and using heat styling tools, or you don’t.  Simple topic.
Yet, apparently, it’s what’s driving traffic to my blog. Yay, I’m known for not enjoying the Honey-poo experience and probably doing it way wrong. Quelle réalisation.
Even going through my mom purse is a more exciting post than reading about Honey-Poo.
I keep hoping that one day I’ll be vindicated through my NFP post, or something worth reading.  Probably not, yet still I blurg… clack clack clack.


(I wrote this yesterday but three needy little boys happened and so let’s just pretend yesterday is today– Happy Valentine’s day!)

St. Valentine’s day appears to be either a very much loved or very much disdained holiday by the peoples across the land. Facebookland.
But looking up the history of St. Valentine has me wondering why even single people don’t use this feast day to pray for their vocation? It’s a Catholic holiday, of course.  Catholic Online lists St. Valentine as Patron Saint of:
  “affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travellers, young people.”

See? Not only for love birds.  Bees too. So hey, if you’re a beekeeper, today is your day.  Pray for healthy bees and hearty honey.  Or for a hearty honey, if you will.


This week, I posted about that one time when I was modeling for one of my prestigious art school’s fashion design student, but I was semi-pressured into taking a laxative the night before… and you’ll just have to read the rest now, won’t you?
It was really fun writing it out for the first time.  I definitely enjoyed the story more from the story teller’s perspective, but that kind of goes without saying when laxatives are involved.
Diary of a Not-So-Super Model  <clicky clicky.


Emmett, my little Autism sweetheart, still is not offering spontaneous communication. BUT, hold something up in front of him, and he will tell you what it is, what shape it is, and what color it is. He is counting to 20, counting backwards, counting by 10’s and singing, singing, SINGING. One of his favorite songs right now is Pharrell’s Happy:

Which is ironic to listen to while driving home from Trader Joe’s as he wails like a banshee.
Emmett also sees absolutely no difference between a life chicken and a chicken nugget.  In his eyes, they’re both “Chik-un NUH gits.”

AND: I captured a good picture of him.  Any mom with a child with Autism can tell you how extremely difficult it is to get a picture of their kid AT ALL.  Emmett senses the iPhone and runs. He doesn’t like making eye contact anyway, so trying to get his attention in general is an energy better spent teaching him something instead of waiting for him to look up. He doesn’t smile on demand. Ever. If something’s funny, he usually has to be jumping or running in conjunction with laughing and smiling, which is a royal picnic for anyone trying to photograph in natural light.

Prop of C. Svellinger


I also wrote last week: How I Met Craig.  I figured I’d share since it is V-day and he is my V-man. If you’re so inclined.


While the tickets to the Edel Gathering sold out in like less than 12 hours, I sat, reliving  my thoughts from last week.  If, like me, you knew that attending the Catholic Momma Blogger’s conference would jump drive your life straight into just plain awesomeness and glitter forever, and yet your conference-going chances are sour grapers, I feel you to tears.  BUT. It’s okay, because as Stephanie commented, “life is good.”
We’ll gettum next time. To my Edel attendees: youse all better slather footage on the gram so I can double tap away!


Something that amuses me probably like 3 times a week is reading blogger’s Tag Clouds (usually in the margins).  I combine the tags listed together and they give a whole new meaning. Use my Tag Cloud for example. If I were to combine the tags and read them together, I get:

Adoption Art
Autism Babies
Bible Birth
Christmas Cleaning
Coffee Contraception
Diaper Easter
Emmett’s Little World Epidural
Facebook Faith
Fashion Food
God Health
iPhone Jesus
Lent Life
Pregnant Prejudice

A linkup with Conversion Diary!

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