4 years ago

7 QT: What’s Your Book Title for the Last Few Weeks?

I have a long-term goal of writing and illustrating a book. Or two.  Or whatever.

I’ve always thought I’d be best suited to write a children’s book, mostly so I could include my own illustrations, and not have to worry about the proper use of a semicolon.

Naive me read somewhere along the way that children’s books aren’t nearly as easy to publish as one might think, and basically forget about writing AND illustrating a whole book because publishers usually hire a separate illustrator.
So nine-ish years later, I’m also looking into memoir writing.  Not in-depth “looking into” by any means, but my understanding of what a memoir is has transformed from “self-portrait of the narcissist” to “everyone has an amazing story, and we can transform the world by sharing it.” A memoir can simply be about one event in someone’s life, or only a few years. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten into learning about memoirs, but I’m fascinated and want to know and read more.

I’m too excited to read Jen’s memoir (<affiliate link) when it comes out. Last night, as I laid in bed nursing and waiting for my 1.5 year old to settle to sleep, my hips groaned to lay flat and I wondered what the title of my book would be, if it had to reflect the last few weeks.  I thought it’d be nice to make a story out of a few, and add a little artistic liberties to the tale.

Here are 7 options:

–1– property of C. Svellinger, Writing, books





Property of C. Svellinger




property of C. Svellinger, autism, writing



property of C. Svellinger





property of C. Svellinger


property of C. Svellinger



property of C. Svellinger

So, humor me, friends:  Which book would you read? AND:

What would the title(s) of your book(s) be, if it had to reflect the last few weeks of your life?



my fave linkup with Jen.