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7 QT Friday #10


I dun moved to WordPress! Welcome! I’ve warned you all that I was a’gonna do it.  The look and colors may or may not be permanent, but I’m hoping that this is vastly easier to read. And now guess whaaaaAAAAaat??? You all can comment!  At the bottom of my post, you may comment away! I absolutely love getting feedback, whether it be anonymous or not, I really enjoy hearing your responses, suggestions, similar stories or struggles!  So let me have it!  …kindly, would ya?


I have imported all of my past posts from Tumblr. Everything is here on wordpress with me.  You can search by entering a key word in the search engine at the top, click through my popular tagged posts on the right, or scroll through my past profundities by month, if you please.


In my endeavor to advance my writing “career”, I’ve long been planning to, well, advance! I’ve been writing for way long enough to DO something with it all and I’m so excited to be taking the first steps.  Needless to say, I’ve realized I still have a crap ton to learn, and I am handicapped by my “fine arts” tendencies.  I kind of wanted a new name to my blog but I am not creative or quick-witted enough to come up with something.  For example, I absolutely LOVE Simcha Fisher’s blog name: I Have To Sit Down. The title is, to me, hilarious, and that’s all I needed to be pulled in to reading her blog. Conversiondiary‘s blog is exactly that.  Her layout is nice, and you know you’re reading the words of a smart, well-researched and read woman. And oh my word, do I admire Moxie Wife‘s blog, the colors, her little strawberries, and the word itself: Moxie! It’s 50’s, kinda retro yet it’s strong, leaving me thinking of Rosie the Riveter, only even stronger because she is a homeschooler to top her riveting. That one word describes her very well!  But me? I just come up with blahhh.  Hmm, Blahhh’s Blog.  gross.

  But I don’t have a designer-y brain.  I don’t even really have a writer’s brain.  I have an illustrator’s brain:  It’s overly detailed and romanticized with curls, brocade and floral prints and coffee steam wafts.  Peach cobbler.  Overly detailed and romanticized is not funny, quick witted, nor catchy.  Not that I need a title which suggests those things, I know my writing will do that for me.  I’m just not good at short n’ sweet.  So I’m sticking with 4life4life, 4EVER, I suppose.  But enough about me!


Okay, maybe one more thing about me:  I got this in the mail a few days ago: Image

and I thought INCONCEIVABLE! I’ve always told myself I’d never go back to my high school reunions, and curled my lip and flared my nostrils at the thought of it. Though I never troubled to ask myself why not.  I had what most would consider a glorious high school career.  National Honors Society, Class VP, Track & Field MVP, Homecoming Queen, more clubs than I can count, leading roles in the drama club’s musicals…. But I realized finally that I am ashamed of the person I was despite what some may call my “glory days” (I don’t count high school as my glory days, BELIEVE ME.).
I was really involved in school, but my head was in the clouds …with myself. Way too selfish. Way too mouthy. Way too obnoxious.
However, I also understand that we all feel this way about ourself at some point in our life, or we will if we’re trying to improve self-knowledge and growth.

 So, understanding that, I recently decided that if I went to our 10 year reunion, it would be out of a genuine love for the people and school I grew up with, instead of a “how do you like me now” mentality.  There are people I never talked to in high school whom I would genuinely love to get to know today, whom I’ve learned more about through the veils of Facebook and Instagram.  So while I may be ashamed of the person I was, the idea is that I’m not that person anymore, that I’ve grown out of my 18 year old self, and most likely, so has everyone else.  ehhh. Okay, glad that’s settled then!


So having spent this week moving to WordPress (yes, the whole week), the final installment of Simplicity, Sanity & Supermoms is yet to be published.  I apologize.


I am within 5 lbs of getting back to my pre-pregnancy body weight.  I would say WHOOHOO! but my muscles are gone.  I used to have lean, athletic, runner’s muscles, but given that I’ve not even moved faster in the last 5 years than a mad dash to the living room to silence my hollering 3.5 year old in order to prevent the waking of his little brothers, my muscles are deflated.  Now, wait a minute! I’ve moved faster than that!

T’was 2 years ago, down the Black Diamond hill called, “Center Stage”  at our local snow ski park, my muscles ripping from the shock of having to be in sudden, intense use.  I made it down that sucker, turned to face the hill in triumph, and shuffled away, asking myself how I EVER had the nerve to do that in high school.

So, my husband, Mr. Workout-Protein-Shake-Regimen, was really supportive when I told him I wanted to sign up at a local fitness joint which holds women’s bootcamp sessions twice a week.  However, I’m glad that I haven’t exerted the energy to call the place yet because yesterday, I realized I ain’t no spring chicken anymore:

I thought to myself as I was standing up, bouncing the 17lb baby on my hip praying our daily Rosary, right now’s as good as any time to do some lunges and squats!  Work that gluteus maximus while contemplating the life of Jesus!

I got halfway through one Hail Mary and my legs started to give out on me. But, the near military-type athletic determination in me urged me to press onward.

Collin, along for the ride, thought it was a hilarious event and giggled ridiculously with each lunge downward.  As we recited the final prayers to close the Rosary, I lunged one too many times and strained upward with an “AAUUUHHHHHRRGH!!!!”  as I felt a nostalgic white hot burning run down my hamstring.  Ah.. I pulled the sucker.

Today, I am hurting.  I suppose I’m glad I put attending a bootcamp class on hold.


Next week, I plan to participate in yet another link up!  This one will help you all get to know me better.  It’s hosted by Moxie Wife, called Five Favorites.  I shall list a fewww of my favorite thiiiings! Who doesn’t like to talk about things they like, right!?


Have a great week everyone!  Welcome again, and please leave comments, now that you have the power!  I want to know you, too! Grazie!  Then, go visit Conversiondiary!

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  1. I was so excited to see that you moved over to WP where we can comment. I’ve been enjoying so many of your older posts but couldn’t leave any comment luv. Don’t feel bad about the link ups. Last week I posted 5x and each was a link up. That’s a lot even for me! Lastly, I’m with your aunt. There may be things about your past that you regret but the mistakes you made help form the woman you are today. God brings good from it, making you stronger in Him because you know it is only by his grace and mercy that you are where you’re at now. It also allows you a special compassion for other souls who are struggling in their lives. You are the voice they will identify with. You just keep living your life for God and the Holy Spirit will do the rest. :-) okay, I’ll shut up now before you regret moving to WP. ;-) Have a great night.

    1. Thank you, Bobbi! And you’re exactly right: the ones who identify with my struggles, past or present, are the ones I hope to touch, God willing. Thank you for visiting!

  2. Just a couple of words from the age of wisdom from moi, your Auntie Mer, as Aunt Annie has taken to calling me… Never be ashamed of who you were. It’s long past. And it formed who you are NOW! The same girl that we all love! That’s it, the wisdom of Mer for the spectacularly wonderous YOU! ;^)

  3. I just wanted to say how much I love following your posts! It’s so good to see someone my age (Class of 2004 woo hoo! :-p) living the faith boldly and just being the woman God created you to be. God bless you and your beautiful family always!!


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