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7 posts in 7 Days, if you so dare: Conversations with My Peeps

property of C. Svellinger

Starting off day one of seven (A week of 7 Posts, 7 Days with Jen) with some chitchat from my three boys.

Lexington is 4.
Emmett is 3, with Autism.
Collin is 1.5.

-and begin!

Lexington to Collin before his first sip ever of Sprite: It’s spicy.  Be careful, Collin, it’ll burn your thing.

Carolyn: *cracks open a can of Coke, takes sip and exhales in the Coca-cola Classic way.*
Lexington: Are you so spiced, Mom?

Emmett as we exit after Mass: Buh BYE– seeeyeww layyytur!
Carolyn: See, Emmett? We went to church.
Emmett: Tew chich.
Carolyn: We had to get the Body of Christ at church.
Emmett in hushed awe: Ohhhh. Cool.

After discussing the properties of an egg:
Lexington:  Wait, Mom –DO. WE. EAT. BABY. CHICKENS?!”

Carolyn: Today we learned that numbers go higher than 100, right?
Lexington: Yes.  There’s little one hundred, medium one hundred, large one hundred, and EXTRA LARGE one hundred.

property of C. Svellinger

After returning from disposing a soiled, wretched diaper to the garage:
Lexington: Recycling diapers, eh, Mom?

Carolyn: Where are you, Collin?
Collin: boo!

property of C. Svellinger

Craig: Can you say Collin?
Emmett: Collin.
Craig: Can you say Daddy?
Emmett: Daddy.
Craig: Can you say Mommy?
: Mommy.
Craig: Can you say Lexington?
Emmett: Monkey.

Right before bed, after brushing teeth:
Carolyn: Lexington, I can’t believe how big you’re getting!  I bet soon you’ll lose your first tooth!
Lexington: *commence 30 minute-long crisis 
discussing losing teeth, growing up, and not wanting to die*
Happy Monday!