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5 Faves #3

5 Faves with the overdue & prego, yet possibly in labor Hallie (keeping you in my prayers) from MoxieWife! Here we go!




Pointed Toe shoes, flats, and the cessation of these kinds of shoes:

(these could be cute if the chunk o’ cheese were grated off the balls of the shoe.) 

 I’m only 28 but I remember during middle school with the British Invasion of the Spice Girls, platform heels were a big fat clunky deal. They went away with my 8th grade braces. 
 But –wait– WHAT!?!! BACK SO SOON!?!? Ohh, too, too soo-hoo-hoon, I say through sobs of embarrassment over the two by fours I see encased in shoe store window displays.
 In the last 3 or so years the clunky chunky things have been weighing down women like a ball & chain all over creation. Why- WHY, my dear sister friends, would we want to add 5 more lbs to our feet? 
The classic pointed toe pump is forever my favorite type of shoe. Does that date me? Like a blazer with the sleeves rolled up, worn over a tee dates an 80’s person? If so, then I’m becoming the out-of-date mom stuck in her own decade. Plus, for me, no amount of commercial popularity about the chunky heeled pumps can nullify the fact that when I see these shoes, no matter who’s wearing them, I place them in a club filled with men who lust after women out of a misguided interpretation of the purpose of a female body. In other words: when I see those shoes, I see hooker feet and drooling, stupid men. But that’s just me and my angry femi-nazi rearing its fanged teeth.  
At least I’m not attached to scrunchies, right? …says the girl who just ordered dorky 90’s reminiscent framed glasses… (Stay tuned til next week, y’all). 


One of my favorite things to do is dance obnoxiously and sing loudly with my boys. The oldest is finally starting to join the fun, but mostly they just stare at me with mouths open and confused eyes.
So now one might imagine me dancing, as in doing a cute little hip shake or even a dorky fist pump yet still manageably cute, right?
You’re dead wrong, baby. (Use your best Austin Powers voice there)
Lest ye forget: I was heavily involved in musical theatre from 6th grade up…


…and that brings us to this video:
(Sorry, blogging from my phone today. Can’t embed the video directly)
Catholic Memes posted it Easter Monday, aka April Fools day. IT. IS. ME. Every aspect of Colbert’s dancing: from his stupid, pointed-toe-twirl to his insane facial expression. This is how I dance for my boys. They don’t even know what they’re witnessing. Cause in public, I’m all like:



Cottages covered in flowers.
This is a secret fave that I’ve longed for since ever since I was very little and watched Sleeping Beauty. …but don’t most girls?
I know I’m not quite Marie Antoinette but a cottage would be considered my Petit Trianon. And you can bet yer britches I’d have a room full of this print in a cottage. It just wouldn’t be right without it.
I hear you, Fanny Dashwood,
“Oh a cottage? How charming. A little cottage is always very snug!”


 My 6 month old. I have realized that 6 months is such a precious time during the life of a baby. He’s starting to crawl. He’s becoming interested in his surroundings and grabs at everything. He’s engaging socially. He doesn’t have to be held all the time, so I’m able to do housework! I did this last week:

(no one has seen the bottom of this closet since we moved here a year and a half ago- and it was filled with previous occupant’s junk– and pet hair. Blech!)

When he does want to be held, I can still do stuff with an ease much more agreeable than a newborn who can’t yet sit up, let alone hold up his sweet baby head. This is just a beautiful thing for a parent to witness: a human child, growing. …and a little bit of breathing room for the parent. 
That’s it this week for my faves. See you all Friday for 7QT, which includes the tale of me punching myself in the face… mmm hmm. 



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