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5 (+1) Favorites: Fall Nail Color!

nail colors, property of carolyn svellinger


I know. Boring.


But it’s taken me this long to finally have a go-to set of nail colors which I love.
You’ll notice the brand loyalty- I just like how it paints, dries, and wears, can’t help it.
And I absolutely could not narrow it down to 5 because I’m indecisive like that.
Also notable: besides a bright pink, I typically wear these colors year round because I’m boring like that.

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Linking up with my fave Jenna who is now hosting this gem! Go see her 5 favorite places she’s visited– ciao!


Property of Carolyn Svellinger


You Dont Know Jacques -OPI.
Looking at the dusty brown in the bottle, one might cringe a little, but I promise it’s a lovely, flattering darker-than-nude neutral, especially in the Autumn.


We’ll Always Have Paris -OPI
The only burgundy I’ll ever love. I recommend this shade for someone who wants dark, but not so dark as….


Lincoln Park After Dark -OPI
I really don’t know a girl who doesn’t like this super dark burgundy/plum.  At a glance you’ll say it’s totally black— wait. No. There’s purple in there!


Big Apple Red -OPI
Classic RED. Nothing left to say here. Moving on.


Ski Teal We Drop -OPI
Guys. This one. THIS ONE. is my favorite, hands down.  I look at it as the blue version of Lincoln Park After the Dark, only just sliiiightly lighter- somewhere in between the darkness of #’s 2 and 3.  I love it, and nine times out of 10, I pick STWD. Heart eyes all day.


Amazon Amazoff -OPI
A lovely mix between teal and green, I find this a surprisingly flattering toenail color.  A lovely jewel tone.


What are your favorite nail colors?




  1. I live for Lincoln Park After Dark. My mother and friends were all really concerned when they thought I was suddenly painting my nails black. Now, they just accept that it’s what I do. I even wore it for my wedding day–a serious no-no according to all the nail color suggestions for a wedding day. No light nudes or baby pinks here! Great choices for the rest of them, too!

  2. Love 1-5 and I don’t know if I could pull of the pretty teals. Now I want to travel because of Jenna and go buy nail polish because of you. :) Also, I think I said this way back when it first happened, but I really do love your new site design!

  3. You and Lauren Conrad (well, probably one of Lauren Conrad’s people) both blogged about nail polish today. ;) My two current favorites – “Commander in Chic” and “Fashionista”. I had my nails painted with fashionista not too long ago and my boss asked me if I was going goth. It’s similar to #5 and I love it!


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